Eagle Update Stories

November 21, 2021 – Nest Check and Roost Tree Rendezvous

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow dropped in for a quick visit yesterday… No beak kisses, nibbles or tail tugs. They just stopped in to make sure the ravens, robins or Goldilocks were not planning to sleep in their bed! They moved a few sticks and then off to bed they went.

Over night we heard some LOUD chortles and suspected they were close by, maybe in the roost near the nest. The CamOp set the alarm to see if we could catch a glimpse of them before the sun was even up. Sure enough, they were right there, side by side, snuggling. After discussing the day’s schedule and a couple of stretches, Jackie flew off and decided stop by the nest to give us all our eagle fix for the day. They are both looking rested, healthy, and well fed lately!

Are you new to the Big Bear nest with Jackie & Shadow? Did you know the nest has an infrared light that allows the camera to view the nest at night? The light is not visible to humans or eagles, for Jackie & Shadow the nest is in complete darkness.

Egg laying season for this region is January through March, for Jackie… January has been the most common month.

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November 19, 2021 – They Are Back

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have sure kept us guessing lately. They were making regular visits for awhile and then they were back on vacation. We suspect the weather fluctuations may have something do with that. They are on eagle time, and we are just along for the ride!

Yesterday Shadow arrived first with Jackie hot on his tail. They both went right to work, Shadow adjusting sticks and Jackie aerating the nest. Shadow feeling a little frisky, initiated some gentle beak kisses, followed by sweet neck nibbles that melted the viewer’s hearts worldwide. Jackie seemed to say, that’s nice honey, now let’s get back to work! Jackie was keeping an eye on Shadow’s stick placement, she seemed to be happy and why wouldn’t she be? Shadow is an expert on nest building! Although this was a short visit, they sure got a lot of work done. They both flew off in the same direction one after the other to one of their favored (new?) roost trees, that we can’t seem to find. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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October 26, 2021 – Jackie In The Lead

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow had a busy weekend, one or both have been at the nest the last 4 days! Friday Shadow was in first, of course he brought a stick and fiddled around with it and then tested the nest bowl! Soon Jackie joined him (he didn’t let her see he was laying down on the job)… They brought stick after stick after stick… While Jackie was hanging out on the back porch, Shadow decided to try out the nest again, Jackie wasn’t having any of that, she marched down, a little kissy beaky, bumped him out of the way and tried it out herself! Watch closely when Jackie lays in the nest, Shadow usually checks for eggs when she stands up, so adorable! Each stick Jackie brought in, she wanted to handle herself…Shadow sure tried to help, but you know… Jackie is a BIG eagle.

Early Saturday they wasted no time bringing in more and more sticks. Shadow, the mischievous guy that he is, didn’t miss an opportunity to nibble, tug or chew on Jackie’s feathers…tail, wing, neck, it didn’t matter he just loves messing with Jackie and he did it ALL day! They had so much fun they returned in the late afternoon for round 2…

Both Sunday and Monday Jackie came in for solo visits, adding more to the nest and doing a quick check to see what else needed to be done.

All in all, it was a very productive weekend for our favorite eagles… Not that we are keeping score (we are), but so far this month, Jackie is leading in stick deliveries 18 to Shadow’s (Stickman?) 11 sticks.

You can find both of our live cams on our website: https://www.friendsofbigbearvalley.org

October 24, 2021 – Determination

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie came in yesterday in her normal fashion with a giant, multi-branch, unruly stick – dubbed the “octopus stick”. Shadow did try to help, snapping off pieces here and there, but Jackie did not want his assistance on this one! By the look on his face, he didn’t think that stick belonged in the nest anyway and left Jackie to figure it out on her own. For nearly 30 minutes she moved it around the nest, several times over and over and just couldn’t get that stick to settle in. That’s what happens when you bring home furniture without measuring first, it all looks smaller in the showroom… She finally left it at the front porch, checked vertical clearance for future fly ins and called it done… until Shadow showed up later and put it in the “right” spot.

October 21, 2021 – Lovey Dovey

Eagle Update Pictures

Tuesday evening Jackie arrived first through the back porch, but didn’t have to wait long for Shadow to join her. They both worked on rearranging the nest sticks, but this time they seemed especially focused on each other…with lots of beaky kissy happening. Jackie just couldn’t seem to keep her beak off of her handsome mate, so to speak. But it didn’t look like Shadow minded all the attention. Jackie headed off to roost first, out the front porch. Shadow had a stick or two more to make sure were properly settled, but then soon followed behind in the same direction…maybe hoping for some more of that beaky kissy attention at their next stop.

Thank you!


October 19, 2021 – The Stick Depot Is Open

Eagle Update Pictures

The really good news is that Jackie and Shadow have been at the nest a lot in the past few days, including 2 visits yesterday. In recent visits, they have each ‘sat’ on the nest (preparing for egg time), brought new sticks and played kissy kissy a few times—all telltale signs that nesting season is officially here!

Yesterday morning they arrived at the nest in time to pose in front of the rising sun for some awesome portraits—Jackie came in first, but Shadow was right behind, bringing a gigantic stick with him. Then they both got down to some serious nest arranging as the sun rose behind them.

In the afternoon, Shadow arrived first with his stick and then Jackie zipped in with hers. They worked as a team, making sure the sticks were placed just right. And apparently Jackie is feeling the excitement of the new nesting season–as Shadow kept working, she left…and returned within 2 minutes with another stick. They worked in beautiful cooperation and even had to take a time out for some beaky kissy when Shadow nibbled her neck. Shadow left first this time, and Jackie gave everyone a special thrill by doing a close-encounter fly-by of Camera2 on her way out.

. Thank you to all of you for watching and caring about Jackie and Shadow! We all really appreciate your support and assistance.


October 15, 2021 – Let The New Season Begin…

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow are visiting the nest more often, 3 times in the last week! Seems as though the season has begun…

Last Friday, Shadow flew in landing on the front balcony before making his way into the nest, just a couple of minutes later Jackie did the same. They both tootled around with some sticks, nothing serious until Shadow decided to lay down in the nest bowl…what???? He must be excited for the new season… so are we!

Tuesday, the first mid-day visit in quite a while, Shadow came in on a mission, hollering out warning calls as we soon saw a shadow of something large fly overhead. He then seemed to assess the nest, wondering how many sticks he will need this year, checked the sales at the stick depot and waited for Jackie. He didn’t have to wait too long… they both relaxed, looked out over the valley and then… Jackie laid down in the nest bowl!! A romantic rendezvous filled with sweet moments and beak kisses! Jackie spent 45 minutes laying in the nest, even after Shadow left for the day. She then perched on the front porch for just short of an hour, a nice long visit for all to enjoy and gave us an opportunity for some nice close ups!

Yesterday was exciting, an early morning stop in… Shadow brought in the first stick of the season, let the stickfest begin!!! Not to be outdone, Jackie showed up 2 minutes later, a dramatic entrance from the side with an even bigger stick! Jackie supervised Shadow as he worked on the crib rails before she headed to the back porch where she perched for a bit before heading out to join her guy.


October 5, 2021 – And So It Begins?

Eagle Update Pictures

And so it begins….?

Or does it? Can it be? Is it so? Have the nestorations begun? We will have to wait and see, only Jackie & Shadow know for sure. With less than 3 days from their last visit, Jackie & Shadow came by the nest on Sunday evening. They got straight to work on the never-ending task of arranging sticks and fluffing the bowl! Shadow snuck in a quick peck on Jackie’s head which of course lead to a break for some beaky kissy and then back to work… It was a short visit, but they worked hard. Jackie started out the back door, but kept looking back at Shadow, letting him know their day was done. Shadow decided to go out the front door to change it up a bit and just about lost a prized stick, it was dangling there just waiting to drop 145 feet to the forest floor… Just in the nick of time, Shadow grabbed it and placed it on the front porch, great save Shadow! And off he went to roost for the night.

As we mentioned before, there is a bit more work to be done with the cameras, the live stream and or sound may be off intermittently today… Thank you for your patience and understanding.

October 1, 2021 – Maintenance and Eagles

Eagle Update Pictures

As many of you are aware, we did a few days of maintenance on the nest camera last week—we installed a new camera in the nest, along with moving the location of that camera so that it is a bit higher (to not be buried by Shadow’s sticks!) and to give everyone a better view of the front porch limb (where Jackie and Shadow spend a lot of time) and of the nearby roost tree and the snag where they often perch. We also re-installed the old camera in a new location that gives a wide view of the nest to watch things happening in the surrounding area and see when Jackie and Shadow are flying in and out of the nest. Thank you to the Institute for Wildlife Studies and our contracted camera/installation experts Dr. Peter Sharpe and Nate Melling for their work on this. The photos show Pete and Nate both in the nest tree during the installation—with all of the wiring and location and equipment changes, Nate was in the nest on 3 separate days and for over 6 hours on one day alone.

…but don’t worry about Shadow’s sticks getting messed up. He and Jackie have been back to the nest a few times and thoroughly straightened out anything that was out of place. The first time, it was only Shadow who dropped in—those sticks must have been calling him, making him too restless to stay in the roost tree with Jackie without first checking on the nest. (With the wide view 2nd live stream available, we can now watch Jackie and Shadow as they move between the nest and roost tree or other favorite spots.)

A few days later, Jackie started out on the nearby snag then joined Shadow in the roost tree before they both visited the nest to do a little more stick arranging. And Shadow just couldn’t resist taking a little nibble on Jackie’s wing as she got ready to leave out the back door. Then he stayed to do a little more tidying up before re-joining Jackie in the roost tree.

This evening Shadow arrived only a minute before Jackie and they both went right to work on those pesky sticks that had obviously gotten out of their proper places. In between all the cooperative teamwork, they even had time for a little adorable beak-to-beak kissy-kissy. This time Jackie stayed longer than Shadow before they each headed out for the night.

Even with all of the maintenance done so far (4 days of climbing, rewiring, installing, relocating, etc.), there is a bit more to go so the live streams may be down for short periods as we finalize everything. Thank you for your patience and understanding. With all this new equipment and contracted installation expertise, if any of you would like to donate to assist in covering the costs, it would be greatly appreciated! You can donate here: Please note, the links through Facebook are not working, you can go to our website at friendsofbigbearvalley .org, click on the “join/donate” tab to make a donation.

Thank you all for your support and for enjoying Jackie and Shadow!


September 16, 2021 – Eagle Cams Up And Running!

Eagle Update Pictures

The Big Bear Bald Eagle cam is back up and running with a beautiful crisp picture. We also added a 2nd cam with a view of the nest and opportunity to see the eagles fly into the nest from the lake!! Links to both cams are below, enjoy! More to follow…

Eagle Nest Cam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4-L2nfGcuE

Wide View Cam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx0nese3zL8

September 14, 2021 – Live Stream Update

Eagle Update Pictures

9/14 UPDATE: Everything is going great but there is a little more work to do in the morning, so the live stream will remain down for the night.

Here is a little peak of the roost tree & Jackie tonight, direct from the camera (ignore the bullseye)

September 13, 2021 – Camera Work

Eagle Update Pictures

The live stream is currently down while we work on the camera. It is expected to be back up and running on 9/14.

September 4, 2021 – Summer Visits

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been coming to the nest together a bit more often for the past few weeks. They are even starting to pay more attention to the locations of the sticks in the nest…in other words, even Jackie is moving some of the sticks to the ‘right’ place. As we all know, stick-obsessed Shadow always knows exactly where every stick in the nest is and exactly where to put any that have tried to run amuck…but back to the point, their stick behavior is starting to show that we are getting closer to autumn and the new nesting season.

One evening Shadow gave us a glimpse of him as he stopped by the snag tree next door to take a quick scan of the neighborhood…right before he took off toward Jackie at the nearby roost tree—she chortled a welcome to him and he answered as he flew in to join her.

A few days later, Shadow dropped by the nest in the mid-afternoon and spent over 3-1/2 hours just hanging and watching the neighborhood until Jackie finally joined him right before roost time. He had moved a few sticks while he was there alone, but her presence inspired him to action, with lots of rearranging…

The next evening visit, Shadow arrived first again, and this time Jackie was quick to join him to check things out while he arranged sticks and she even rewarded his hard work with a bit of kissy kissy. This time Jackie stayed behind to move a few sticks even after Shadow headed off for bedtime.

Their most recent visit was a bit different. Jackie arrived first and immediately jumped into furniture arranging mode even before Shadow arrived. When he joined her, they both worked hard together on getting those sticks into their proper places, even working together on a few of the harder to manage ones.

One of our mods zoomed in close on a photo of the roost tree so it’s easier to see where Jackie and Shadow are. And Teri Ashmore had a lucky day in catching a photo of Jackie on a tree on the south shore one morning this week.

With Jackie and Shadow not at the nest full time, some other visitors have been dropping in. Little Fiona and Freddy (San Bernardino flying squirrels) often sneak into the nest for a visit after dark–rumors are saying that some of these nighttime visitors seem to be especially small, so perhaps Fiona and Freddy have a few kits running around. The nest has also had drop-in visits from a hairy woodpecker, a mountain chickadee and a juvenile cooper’s hawk.

Thank you to all of you for continuing to follow Jackie and Shadow and their nest activities!


July 28, 2021 – Summer Vacation

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow and Jackie seem to be in full summer vacation mode–they have only visited the nest a handful of times in the past several weeks. But they can be heard chortling at various distances from the nest…apparently their way of letting us (and any other bird that might be thinking about intruding into their nest) that they are still around and watching.

The most recent visit was from Shadow in the late evening…he arrived from the front door, checked out the nest a bit, moved a couple sticks and headed out the back door to go to the roost tree where Jackie was already waiting. (It’s a bit hard to spot them in the roost tree photo, but if you look hard in the upper center between the pine puffs, you can find them.)

The visit before this one, Shadow arrived at the nest in the early evening and rearranged a bit of the furniture before heading out the back door…but this time, he went to the nearby snag where our trustee camera operator caught him and Jackie hanging out together. After a little together time, surveying the neighborhood, Shadow headed back to the nest for another quick check on it…this time when he left, he headed to the roost tree. Jackie soon joined him there for the night.

It’s been almost a month since they were in the nest at the same time…Shadow arrived first, with his usual stick. Then there was some serious raven tracking and yelling…followed by some sweet lovey dovey. They spent 2 hours in the nest, much of that with Jackie on her favorite front porch branch and Shadow doing his stick magic in the nest. He even sat in the nest bowl for a short moment—you know, just to stay in practice. He flew right over Jackie (…which she had a comment about…) when he left to fetch another stick…twice. She left before he brought back the 2nd stick, so he placed it perfectly and headed back out after her.

It’s normal for them to visit the nest much less frequently in the summer, between nesting seasons. From the distant chortling sounds that can be heard almost daily, it seems they are often hanging out together in other places around the lake.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer as much as they are! When you have a chance, stop by our website (friendsofbigbearvalley.org) to check out the new t-shirt design—in either short or long-sleeve.

We will be doing camera maintenance in mid-September. In the meantime, keep checking in to catch Jackie and Shadow’s visits!


June 15, 2021 – The Big Event

Eagle Update Pictures

The Big Event

This last weekend FOBBV and Big Bear Ecotourism sponsored a fabulous weekend of fun and entertainment for all. Saturday folks came out to enjoy the weather, beauty of the valley and experience some fun attractions the area has to offer. On Sunday, the fun continued including the Jackie & Shadow Fan Party. We had a great turnout, we met many of the eagle fans and put faces to names. Sandy shared her eagle experiences over the last decade and some of our chat moderators came out from behind their computer screens and mingled with other eagle fans. It was a wonderful day for sure!! Jackie & Shadow even decided to join in the fun, Shadow making his appearance in the nest and Jackie flying around the lake and perching lakeside for her fans!

After the fan party on Sunday, the FOBBV gang took a 2-hour boat ride around the lake to enjoy nature and see how many beautiful birds we could spot. Jackie showed up and treated us to some spectacular action! She was perched lakeside, then flew out over us to the south side of the lake and gave us all a thrill and memory that will not be forgotten. As she soared above, she suddenly dove down and snapped up a fish!! We were able to see her land, enjoy her lunch and then she flew back over us to perch on the north side of the lake where we sat and watched her in wonderment. All the while, Shadow stayed in his more private penthouse nest.

Thank you to all those that were able to come out and join us and for those who were not able to attend, Cali, our chat manager posted a video of Sandy’s eagle talk and the fan cam zoom (link for the video below). If you have a hard time hearing Sandy, you can toggle CC/captions by clicking the cc button or click on the gear symbol on mobile devices. Enjoy!


Photo Credit to Susan O’Donnell for Saturday’s event pictures

Photo Credit to Emily Bendemire & Teri Ashmore for Sunday’s eagle and event pictures

May 29, 2021 – Another Busy Week at the Nest

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow and Jackie have some big announcements you won’t want to miss at the end of this post!

Last Friday it was a cold a blustery day, we even had a few snow flurries during the day, but that didn’t stop Jackie and Shadow, they continued doing what eagles do. Shadow busy hunting for sticks and doing renovations, Jackie supervising and keeping the unwanted visitors away. While Jackie was relaxing on the front porch, Shadow nearly took her out coming in with a stick, he earned a Jackie stink eye for that stunt!! She decides to get a better look at what changes he was making and came back to the nest, what she really wanted was a little beaky kissy, which she got! Shadow went back to work while Jackie was tracking the ravens in the area.

Later in the week a couple of ravens came by in the morning, snooped around a little and then grabbed one of Shadow’s sticks and flew! Later that afternoon some violet-green swallows stopped in and made off with some of his fluff, all of this after Fiona took off with a big ole ball of fluff earlier in the week. This eagle’s nest is so awesome, everyone wants a piece of it!!

Both visited the nest, sometimes solo, sometimes meeting up together, sometimes early, sometimes late, they sure keep us guessing and busy at the same time! Shadow has really been working hard and with the warmer weather, we will be seeing both eagles panting when they get to the nest. Eagles do not sweat, they pant to cool down and regulate their body temps, it is completely normal.

It does seem when Shadow is making a lot of changes to the nest, Jackie shows up after he leaves to check out what he has done and fixes anything she doesn’t agree with. Jackie ended the day Thursday with a nice long visit, perched on the front porch.

*** The Big Bear Ecotourism Coalition will be hosting their 6th annual Big Bear Outdoor Adventure Days on June 12-13, 2021! Details are still being worked out, we will post a schedule on our website detailing events and times as soon as it is finalized. Some of the free events included: kayaking on the lake, rides aboard the Big Bear Queen, guided hikes, guided birding adventures, birding tours by boat and more.


Sunday the 13th will be Jackie & Shadow’s Fan Party at Dana Point Park, 10:00am to 12:00pm. Sandy from FOBBV will talk about the Big Bear bald eagles and how the eagle cam became a reality. Some of the chat moderators and cam op will be available for Q&A. View the eagle’s nest though a scope, cam zoom on the group for your moment of fame! Merchandise will be available including a couple of new items.

Lucky Bear Boat Charters that runs out of Captain Jacks marina right below the park is offering 2-hour lake/eagle boat tours at a discounted price of $35 per person after the eagle event at 1:00(sold out), 3:00 and 5:00pm. There is a 10-person max for each tour. You can reserve your spot with Captain Mike at 909-866-7303.

**We are offering a new 2015-2020 Photobook with color cam pictures and the history of the nest (Pictures below).

**(SOLD OUT, more coming soon) We also have a few plush eagles available, with more coming in the week of June 7th.


May 20, 2021 – Eagles Will Be Eagles

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow has been the most consistent visitor to the nest this week, bringing a stick or fluff material almost every time. Jackie also drops in, but a little less frequently — it could be that she doesn’t hear all those sticks talking to her quite so loudly as Shadow does. But when Shadow hears the right one calling from the forest floor and knows exactly where it goes because he has the position of every stick in the nest memorized, how can he not answer that call?

Even though Jackie has had fewer visits, hers often last much longer–one day she sat on the front porch for 3 hours and 20 minutes, simply watching around the area. Checking the nest and consistently bringing sticks continues to be part of their ownership claim on the nest and their bonding ritual with each other…

Even though it is off-season between nestings, they did have a couple little kissy kissy moments…but on the other hand the nesting season is definitely past when it comes to the food deliveries. Shadow brought two fish to the nest this week. The first time, when Jackie flew in behind him to say the fish was hers, he tried to say no and pull it away, but she insisted and he let her have the fish. The second time, Jackie flew in ahead of Shadow’s arrival already claiming the fish as rightfully hers. By then Shadow apparently realized that he had completely spoiled Jackie this past season…and as hard as ‘tough love’ is to put into action, he knew he had to put his talons down and say no. Jackie of course kept yelling the whole time he ate but did get a few scraps after he finished. (btw, even though this seemed completely uncharacteristic for Shadow, this is actually quite normal bald eagle behavior during the off season.) And there were apparently no hard feelings since they continued to hang out together on the nest tree that afternoon and they were back working together the next day.

Both Jackie and Shadow also continue to protect the nest by yelling at or chasing ravens – Shadow watched Jackie chase one noisy raven right past the nest and then he did some of his own yelling at them…(see Jackie in hot pursuit in the distance on the left side of the photo that shows Shadow turned away from the camera watching her.)

Shadow has also had a little robber working behind his back…one day he brought in a big bunch of thick fluff and arranged it in the nest. Later that night, little Fiona (San Bernardino flying squirrel) came in and spent a full 3 minutes trying to stuff all that fluff into her tiny mouth before she finally took off over the edge of the nest with as much as she could carry.

By this evening it had been almost 2 days with no nest visits, so Shadow came twice to bring in new sticks and check that everything was in order.

A few updates…

In case you missed my zoom talk on Saturday about the history of Big Bear’s local Bald Eagles with an update on the 2021 nesting season for the Chirp Nature Centers, they recorded it, so here is the youtube link to listen:


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May 5, 2021 – Slowing Down

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow are slowing down on visits and stick deliveries or so it seems… maybe if we say that, they will visit more! In the last week they have been seen at the nest early morning and or late evening, Shadow more than Jackie. Even so, they have been by every day except one.

Saturday, they flew in one after the other both with HUGE crops meaning they are eating good in the neighborhood! Jackie brought in some fluff that Shadow immediately took control of because, well that’s what he does! Jackie seems to be fine with him doing all the work, she perched on the front porch and supervised….oh wait, until he pulled a stick out of the nest, that grabbed her attention and she just knew he needed her help…well that and Jackie wanted to sneak in a little kissy kissy…

Sunday we were graced with another dual morning visit. Shadow showing his talent with a one talon baton hold on a stick… he was so impressed he had to check out his awesome feet!! Then off to the back porch to survey his habitat giving us the opportunity to grab some nice portrait shots… Jackie returned a bit later and found herself stuck on a stick, which she quickly found her way out of. She is quite good with the loooong sticks, standing on her tippy talons. The couple returned in the evening for some nest time before heading off to roost for the night. Again, Jackie took her supervisory duties serious!

A very windy sunrise visit on Monday made it hard to see who was who and what was going on… on a later (almost) visit we did see one of the eagles miscalculated the landing gear and sailed right past the balcony branch, oops! Shadow was kind enough to stop by for some gorgeous sunset poses and a little stick play before heading out to join Jackie… 

Jackie & Shadow must have been excited about Cinco de Mayo, they were up before the sun crested over the mountain! They worked a little, then Shadow headed out while Jackie yelled at a raven & then watched the sun come up…


April 25, 2021 – Tug-O-Stick

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow have been very busy in the nest building department since Wednesday, keeping us busy as well!

The stick deliveries were fast and furious, Shadow must have been super excited, but wait… Jackie wanted to place the sticks herself! Shadow wasn’t having any of that and tried his hardest to take control, but Jackie being the giant eagle she is, just pushed her way through to find the best spot. Shadow needed to let Jackie know, his fans don’t call him The Stickman for nothing, so he started nipping and pulling on her feathers… she in turn climbed up the side branch. In between stick deliveries, they perched, looked out over the valley giving us time to zoom in on them for some gorgeous portrait pics…

The eagles spent Thursday again adding sticks, rearranging the nest, chasing off the nosy raven neighbors and soaring over the lake (Yes, we spotted them doing what eagles do.)

After bringing in 23 sticks over the last couple of days, Jackie & Shadow decided to take the day off on Friday… They did drop in for a few minutes to say “hi” on the way to the roost tree for the night.

No more rest for these guys, Saturday they started early, more sticks, more decorating, more feather biting… shame on you Shadow! Jackie again wanted to work on the nest solo, but Shadow couldn’t stand by and watch. They had a couple tug-o-stick wars that led to some couples quarreling and then off to their own corners of the house and the silent treatment began… start over and repeat!

All of this nest work, stick delivery and teamwork is normal… at least it is normal for Jackie & Shadow. They will continue to build onto the nest throughout the year, it is also bonding time for the pair.

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April 18, 2021 – Summer Vacation

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow came in for a short visit today, bringing a stick of course, placing it in the perfect spot of course. He stayed only for a few minutes, then flew off to do the things eagles do…

It seems Jackie & Shadow have started their spring/summer routine a bit early this year since they do not have young ones to care for. They will continue to visit and build onto the nest throughout the off season. The live cam remains on 24/7 and we will update you on any visits. You can still hear the wonderful sounds of the forest and see other bird visitors in the nest as well. 

Yesterday a raven came to the nest, cracked open the remaining egg and ate some of the contents. He/she returned a bit later and removed an underdeveloped chick from the shell and left with it. This is how nature takes care of its own. It is quite possible the ravens have a nest nearby and this may have been nutrients for a new life. There was another visit this morning, a raven removed the remaining shell from the nest. The shells can be consumed by many types of birds and helps the females with their calcium levels which in turn helps them with shell production when they are ready to lay eggs. 

We will never know what may have stopped development of the chick, many factors can come into play and again, to guess would only be speculation. 

April 16, 2021 – Jackie & Shadow Look Towards The Future

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow continue visiting the nest each day for short periods of time. Both bringing sticks, nesting materials and occasionally lunch which we know, is always for Jackie!

In nature things don’t always work out the way we would like it to. This year the first eaglet started the hatching process but did not survive. As we said before, we will never know why. Many things can and do happen during hatching, to try to determine the reasons would be speculation. Egg 2 is well beyond the hope of hatching, again we will never know why. There is no plan to retrieve the egg and examine it. This camera was installed to observe and learn, we do not interfere with the eagle’s lives.

Jackie seems to have moved on and has not incubated since April 7th. Shadow has not completely given up. He continues to incubate intermittently and sometimes stays over night on the nest. He has realized how difficult a good night’s sleep is with their nosy neighbor Fiona checking on the nest several times through the night…. This is evident when he takes little naps throughout the day! The few nights the nest was empty, Fiona has had a blast, bouncing around finding little tidbits to snack on here and there…well except for the one night Shadow wingslapped her and sent her bouncing right out of the nest into the darkness! It appears she was just fine, Fiona and Fast Freddie both made appearances the very next night. Just about each time Shadow shows up and sits on the egg, Jackie is close behind. Shadow sometimes jumps up before she even gets to the nest. It seems maybe Jackie has made it clear he shouldn’t’ be incubating…. but Shadow always seems to sneak back into the nest and shows us all what a great mate and dad he is.

What happens now? Jackie & Shadow are expected to continue visiting throughout the spring/summer. They will bring in sticks, maybe nesting materials and just hang out looking out over their beautiful valley. Towards the summer months, the visits may not be as often, but we will be here to bring you pictures and their story when they do show up!

What will happen with the remaining egg? This is nature and nature takes care of itself. The egg might become part of the nest, one of the eagles or other birds/animals might remove it from the nest or something else may happen, we can only sit back, observe, learn and enjoy Jackie & Shadow.

The next breeding season starts around October. Jackie & Shadow will increase their visits, work more on the nest and egg laying is generally January through March.

April 9, 2021 – Interesting Evening

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow were in and out of the nest, chortling, flying about last night after dark. It seems something in the area may have alerted them, though we have no way to know what it may have been. They settled in somewhere off the nest for awhile, that is when Fiona the local Flying Squirrel was having a blast bouncing around the nest, jumping from limb to limb…..then the chortles started in again just before midnight…… Shadow returned to the nest at 12:12 am and then left again at 3:39 am.

The egg is well beyond the expected hatch times, the eagles will be moving forward in their adventures. Jackie seems to have already let go and is not visiting the nest as often. Shadow is still hanging on, showing up throughout the day and night and continues to incubate. As time progresses, they are both expected to move on and do what eagles do in the summer months. The camera remains on all year, the eagles will continue to visit and work on the nest and we will be here to update you when they do…..

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April 3, 2021 – Personalities

Eagle Update Pictures

We’ve all noticed the big actions and personalities of Jackie and Shadow, such as when they team up to guard the nest against intruders, when they bounce sticks off of each other in their sometimes hilarious nest building shenanigans, or their back and forth games of “get up, it’s my turn” or Jackie’s standard “give me that fish, it’s mine, mine, mine”, but in the quiet times, have you noticed their special little actions and behaviors…

…nearly every time Jackie comes in to take over the nest-sitting, the first thing she does is to look down at her feet. She often does it more than once and recently it seems to be the tactic that works the best for getting Shadow to stand up–is she saying, “I bow to you but would really like to have my turn on the nest now”…or (after all, it is Jackie we’re talking about) is she saying “I’m trying to stay calm here, so I’ll just take a deep breath hoping for your sake that you get up before I look up again”

…while they are sitting, both Jackie and Shadow are very diligent about stuffing every little stray piece of fluff under them in just the right place to make the nest bowl perfect.

…Shadow seems to get a little overheated more easily than Jackie. Since the weather has gotten warm and sunny, he has been doing a lot more panting than her (bald eagles do not sweat, but pant like dogs with their mouth open and tongue out to release extra heat from their body)

…they both are very curious and watch the activities going on in the tree around them, often tilting their head like they are trying to understand whatever they are watching.

…they both do some beautiful stretches and yoga poses (and seem to have downward dog perfected) when they stand to change sitting positions on the nest.

…twice in the past 3 days, Jackie seemed to be unwilling to move out of the way when she’s coming in the front door and Shadow is trying to go out–he had to try a few different ways around her to get past.

Both yesterday and today Shadow generously brought Jackie a nice fish lunch, even with the head still intact…and yesterday he used eating time to sneak into the nest bowl and then mischievously bit her wing while she was trying to eat. Today they switched shifts back and forth, as usual, but with longer shifts and a few less changeovers.

And tonight he got a big surprise!…one that he’s been begging for, but probably thought he’d never get…Jackie is letting him spend the night on the nest…and even though he’s been asking and asking for that and complaining when she arrived to take over, he looks a bit bewildered about her actually letting him stay.

They have both been dedicated to sitting on their egg, long past when it was due to hatch–and giving it every possible chance they could–but, it seems that perhaps Jackie is starting to give up on it hatching. We, of course, cannot know what they may or may not be feeling about any of this. But we can enjoy watching Shadow spend his first ever all-nighter on the nest.


March 31, 2021 – Tail Waggin Fun

Eagle Update Pictures

Tail Waggin Fun…..

After Jackie comes crashing in the back door and fans Shadow with her long white tail…lets just say, it appears eagles do have a sense of humor….well, at least Shadow does!

When Jackie’s tail brushes across his face a couple of times, he takes a few nibbles at it and then acts oh so innocent….Well that must have been too much fun because then he just grabs hold and pulls it!! Who knows, Jackie just might have been messing with him too….

Jackie & Shadow continue taking the best care of their egg. We will continue to watch and honor them in the process.

March 30, 2021 – J & S Feature Story NBC

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow would like to share the great TV news specials that were recently made about them. They like that people are paying attention to their story but really hope they are helping to open everyone’s eyes to how amazing all of the nature around us really is.

The video posted here ran on Sunday’s Weekly Rundown on NBC Palm Springs and covers Jackie and Shadow’s recent events as well as history, plus a list of bald eagle facts. Thank you, Taylor Martinez

and NBC Palm Springs!(link:https://nbcpalmsprings.com/…/weekly-rundown-big-bear…/

March 28, 2021 – Shadows Shining Moment

Eagle Update Pictures

A few days ago, Jackie came in like any other time for changing of the guard. She lets him know in her now favorite twittery talk, its time to go. Shadow ignores her (he’s so good at that!) A little louder she tries again followed by some repeated beak kisses which usually does the trick…..Shadow not only ignores her but has the nerved to mess with the coot Jackie brought in earlier in the day….good job Shadow, trying to divert her attention! Hey! Beak off my coot!! More beak kisses, mess with the coot some more, more twittery chat… Jackie finally gave up and headed to the back porch, where she had a whole lot to say to Shadow on her way out! Shadow looked just as shocked as the rest of us…You see, this is the first time he has ever won a nest sitting battle!! Yay Shadow!!

Shadow – 1

Jackie – every other time

March 27, 2021 – Who Has The Best Tricks

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been busy with shift changes, stick and fluff deliveries, weathering sudden storms, chasing away intruders and as always, finding creative ways to get the other one off the nest so they can have their turn.

Of course, Shadow has been bringing food to the nest, and Jackie even brought a coot…but no matter who brings it, Jackie loudly makes sure everyone in the area knows that the food just delivered is hers.

During these past few days, they have both been setting new records…


–most number of times of biting/nibbling Shadow’s beak in a single visit…not sure we caught them all but at least 7 or 8

–cleverest trick to get your partner up…she brought a big stick and then had trouble maneuvering it around. Of course, she, along with all of us, knows Shadow’s thing for having sticks in the right place. He was helpless to do anything besides get up to help her with that stick…then she slipped into the nest bowl while he was focused on getting it arranged. (Shadow had a close 2nd for this record when he brought Jackie a giant fish and then sneaked into the nest bowl while she was eating.)

–most unique new sounds…Jackie seems to have developed a new soft, twittery kind of language that she often does the whole time Shadow is there with her.


–most mischievous teasing of your partner…while he was refusing to get up when Jackie arrived for her turn, he kept biting the leg of a coot delivered earlier (he did it 3 times!) to keep her focused on protecting that food. She soon gave up and left him on the nest. After she left, he completely ignored the coot from then on.

–most bonks on your partner with an out-of-control stick…Jackie tried to catch his record a couple times, but he managed to stay in the lead.

–best mumbling under your breath when you have to get off the nest

–most mysterious fish delivery…after Jackie and Shadow were both involved in a noisy aerial chase of an intruder in the area, Shadow arrived with a fish in his talons–was he defending it from the intruder? Did he steal it himself? Or maybe the intruder unexpectedly dropped it upon being chased by an angry pair defending their nest and Shadow just retrieved it from the ground?

Though Jackie and Shadow have not given up, the 2nd egg has not shown any signs of hatching. It is unlikely that it will at this point. There is no way for us to know why this is the situation. Jackie and Shadow have taken the best care ever of that egg and will likely continue doing that for several days or maybe a few weeks. We’ll watch and see.

While it feels sad to all of us watching since we were hoping for a chick (and please do allow yourself to feel the sadness so you can release it), we can also choose to focus on all the amazing things we are getting to see with Jackie and Shadow and continue to feel grateful to them for allowing us into their lives and teaching us so much about nature and its sometimes mysterious ways. It has its own way of balancing the ecosystems it supports…it is our job to watch, learn and trust.

Thank you, as always, for watching and caring about Jackie and Shadow and everything we are all learning here.


March 24, 2021 – Smorgasboard

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday, a sudden storm passed through the area–with on and off rain, wind, snow and even hail. Jackie and Shadow hunkered down on the nest, still taking turns, but with Jackie taking the longest shifts as she usually does in bad weather.

In the morning Shadow arrived in the fog with a small tree to add to his stick collection, and then took over nest duty. When Jackie came back after only an hour, Shadow complained quite loudly–it almost seemed like he was saying ‘I’m tough, too, you know. I can handle this bad weather.’ — but it didn’t matter. She made him get up anyway.

So, Jackie sat through the snowy part. And Shadow decided to work hard in other ways–he went out and brought back a fish for Jackie…and then later he brought a coot…

After her coot lunch, Jackie gave Shadow another turn on the nest…and he even got snow sitting on his back the way she always gets to do during storms. He still complained when she returned, but she was ready for him this time, with one of his tricks–she brought a stick and put it on his back! It didn’t work…she had to resort to her old stand-by, ‘I’ll keep biting your head if you don’t get up.’ That worked.

Then later Shadow brought another fish. By this time Jackie was so full she didn’t take the fish even though Shadow made a point to hand it directly to her, right next to her beak. She finally ate it a couple hours later, shortly before tipping beak down into what looked like a deep sleep after a long, cold day.

The remaining egg is now 40 days old. Though we are still in the window of possibility for hatching, with each passing day it is less likely. We will continue to observe, but sadly we believe by Friday that window will close. We do not and cannot know the why for any of this. It is nature, operating in its own way, without explanation.


March 23, 2021 – Shadow The Stickman

Eagle Update Pictures

Over the past couple days, Jackie and Shadow have been working hard on their shift change comedy routine…

…they both refuse to get up when the other one arrives to take over…often try pretending the other one has not arrived…and both add in vocalizations–loud complaints in Shadow’s case, and little continuous squeaks in Jackie’s–to make sure the one arriving knows that they are quite displeased with even the idea of turning over nest duty.

…Shadow continues to bring giant sticks, or in some cases, small logs, then bash around the nest, sometimes bonking Jackie repeatedly with the stick, sometimes laying it on top of her and sometimes stepping on her on his way to the perfect location for that stick.

…mostly Jackie is very tolerant…well, except for yesterday when she tried to take the stick away from him only to have it jerked away when Shadow spotted another ‘perfect location’ for it…

Also, yesterday, Shadow brought Jackie a nice fish for lunch, Jackie had a wing slapping run-in with a gutsy raven, and both Shadow and Jackie joined forces in yelling at an intruder to get out of their territory.

Early this morning Jackie wing slapped to chase away someone–probably Fiona, the little flying squirrel.

And then there was this afternoon, when Shadow brought another big stick and put it right on Jackie’s back…but he realized it quickly and only put it back down on top of her three more times in trying to move it off, and then only almost hit her in the head as he slid the stick right over the top of her to finally get that stick into the nest without any part of Jackie underneath it…

…then he found that perfect place for it in the front and everything looked fine…for almost a minute …but apparently something about that place just felt wrong, so he picked it up again, and bashed Jackie again…and, but hey, wait a minute, this time she reached over and took that stick right away from him and carried it to the other side of the nest out of his reach. He looked a bit dumbfounded.

Tonight he came in after dark and brought a very small stick and quietly placed it without hitting Jackie and then stood and watched Jackie for a bit…apparently just checking on her before he headed off to roost in a nearby tree.

They are still incubating the remaining egg. It does not appear to have a pip yet. This egg hatching is still within the window of possibility–Big Bear is one of the highest elevation nests on the continent, so the local climate tends to slow incubation by a few days. At the same time, it does seem delayed and we cannot guarantee when or if it will hatch. It is up to the chick in the egg and mother nature.


March 21, 2021 – Stick Trippin

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow came in yesterday with a nice sized reasonable addition to the nest….

…until it got caught on the “V” branch.

…and until he tripped over it and fell on Jackie.

…and until he tripped over another stick.

When he puts the stick in front of Jackie’s face, “see what I found?” and she has the nerve to try and take over the stick….Shadow seems to say, no way Jackie, You may be the boss around here, but I rule the sticks!! Even though Jackie appears to be the boss, Shadow sure does get his way quite often…..

Jackie and Shadow are moving forward, caring for egg 2.

We will continue to observe and report on what is happening, without speculation about what might or might not happen in the future or the reasons for what might have happened in the past when we have no way of knowing either of those.

March 19, 2021 – Sad Turn of Events

Eagle Update Pictures

Watching nature often fills us with curiosity and adventure, with joy and delight. Sometimes nature is hard to watch, especially when there is an unexpected turn of events that we do not understand. The chick in the first egg that was working on hatching last night, appears to have stopped moving this afternoon. This is very sad and also, it is part of nature.

We do not know and cannot know what might have happened, no matter how much our human minds would like to speculate or try to figure it out. With this nest camera, we are observers of nature. We have been granted the privilege of watching the daily lives of this beautiful pair of bald eagles. I am willing to watch and to learn and to both laugh and to cry at the things that we see here…

…Jackie and Shadow are continuing to diligently take care of the second egg…we will watch and see what happens next. Thank you all for your great interest in and love of watching Jackie and Shadow in their daily lives. We appreciate your dedication and support.


P.S. While I am saddened by the turn of events in the nest today, I am also saddened by the unexpected and unneeded behavior of some of the humans that are bringing demands and negativity to our social media outlets. Our job is environmental education—to provide a doorway into nature for people to observe and learn. We are very grateful for the huge and growing numbers of people that are getting to watch this nest and we do our best to answer questions and provide information about the nest, the eagles and the continually changing events happening. Thank you to the huge numbers of people who are appreciative of what we do, as well as patient and understanding when things get overwhelming due to the sheer numbers of questions and comments coming in. If you do not like the way things are handled here, then I would apologize that we have not turned out to be what you were expecting or hoping and I would also ask that you please find a place that you can enjoy rather than spending your energy bringing angry negativity to the comments you make in chat or our Facebook pages. We are always open to constructive suggestions and new ideas. We are not open to and will not tolerate for any reason having our very knowledgeable and dedicated moderators and staff abused by people who just want to vent. Please take that elsewhere. Thank you.

March 18, 2021 – Pip!

Eagle Update Pictures

We have a pip! Hatching in progress!!

March 12, 2021 – Take That Shadow

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow continue to diligently incubate through wind, sleet, snow and whatever else nature throws their way.

Yesterday when Jackie returned from her break, as usual, Shadow voiced his opinion, then tried to ignore her…but Jackie had a trick up her sleeve, a Shadow stick trick to be exact! When she placed her tiny little stick on his back, Shadow seemed stunned she would even think of doing that and headed out the back door!

Though it is sometimes hard to see them behind the wall of snow, both little eggs are still in there all warm and cozy. They are now 32 & 29 days old, pip watch begins March 15th!

March 9, 2021 – Dressed For Winter

Eagle Update Pictures

With snow falling in Big Bear for most of today, Jackie hunkered down and did the vast majority of the egg-sitting, as she always does during bad weather. She of course is certain that she is the most capable to protect the eggs, so she sat and sat, napping and getting snow covered in between occasionally shaking it all off. But she must really trust Shadow…

…she let him have a turn on the eggs for a whole hour. During the middle of the day when the storm had died down for a bit, he came in to give her a break and it didn’t take much convincing before she happily got up to take him up on the offer. She came back with a full crop after her little lunch break and Shadow immediately turned the eggs back over to the storm-sitting expert.

Even though she gets covered with snow at various points, there is no need to worry about Jackie in this cold weather–she is built for handling it…

…bald eagles have over 7000 feathers, including a layer of down–that traps warm air pockets next to their body–covered by heavy interlocking waterproof feathers…so, it’s like Jackie has on 2 or 3 warm winter jackets. And since the feathers also cover her head, she is fully equipped with an insulated hat to go with the jackets. Her large body size and high body temperature (about 105 degrees Fahrenheit) allows her to retain body heat quite well to keep both herself and the eggs warm–and being larger than Shadow makes her even more equipped for the storm duty than he is. They both also have a brood pouch on their chest, a small area with fewer feathers that allows them to wriggle down on eggs and bring them right in close to their warm body.

So, even though it looks amazingly cold to us, Jackie and Shadow and the eggs are all doing fine sitting through the storm.


March 4, 2021 – A Big Win For FOBBV

Eagle Update Pictures

All this week, Jackie and Shadow have been diligently incubating and guarding their precious eggs, and having smooth shift changes when one comes in to take over for the other…well, except for the loud complaints about their turn being over…oh, and well, those dirty looks when the one sitting refuses to get up right away…but other than that, it’s all been great…

…and we received some Great News this week that makes it much more likely that Jackie and Shadow will be able to enjoy nesting here in their beautiful penthouse suite into the future.

Background–besides the Moon Camp project that was approved this past July, there has been another development project threatening the bald eagles’ nesting and foraging area. A project called Marina Point development, immediately west of the Moon Camp parcel–even closer to the nest and also visible from the nest cam. This Marina Point project was approved by the County in 1991–19 three-story condo buildings, a total of 93 condominiums, plus a 175 slip private boat marina, a club house, restaurant and other facilities, all on 12 acres of lakefront property. For the past 18 years, Friends of Big Bear Valley has been involved in continuing legal actions against this Marina Point development based on violations of multiple environmental laws…but this week, WE WON!!!

A California Superior court judge ruled in our favor on this last lawsuit, stating that the original 1991 project approval has expired. This means that those condos cannot be built without the developer getting a new approval from the county. — our press release about this major win is included in the photos below. We’re sure that Jackie and Shadow would be very happy about this news…if they weren’t so busy discussing whose turn it is to sit on the eggs.

In the meantime, our legal action against the recently approved Moon Camp project is still in the beginning stages of the often lengthy court process–no updates on that one so far.


February 24, 2021 – Whos Turn Is It Now

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been doing a great job of protecting their eggs, with beautifully coordinated shift changes and very loud teamwork when any threats show up in the area…

…all through Sunday and Monday, they were tag-teaming right on the mark with no more than a minute between one leaving and the other arriving–and often with one already in the nest or on the back porch before the other left.

…on Sunday, Shadow started shouting at someone in the neighborhood–likely, it was the ravens that had been talking nearby earlier. Jackie came rushing right in to join him, shouting from the back porch as he continued yelling from the nest. Whoever it was, got the message, literally loud and clear.

With that emergency handled, Shadow left and Jackie stepped in immediately.

…A couple hours later, it was Shadow’s turn to come to the rescue. Jackie started complaining to the ravens and Shadow flew in to the front porch to assist with the loud warnings. But this time a hawk flying in the area apparently wasn’t listening–strongman Shadow flew right out and took up an air chase to make sure he got the message. (you can see both Shadow and the hawk in the distance on the right side of the photo after Shadow flies).

The next time Jackie left, Shadow was already on the back porch ready to step in.

…when Jackie returned from her break, Shadow was not ready to leave and had some loud words about it…but, as usual, fighting with Jackie when she has decided it’s her turn is pointless. She moved in closer and closer…he tried to ignore her…but soon gave up and let her have the eggs.

…Shadow always seems to know when he’s pushed the limit…so his next move was to deliver a fish, which she happily scarfed down.

When Jackie went on alert and started yelling after dark, she left to check it out and Shadow popped right in to take over. He seemed to think she might let him spend the night on the nest, but nope, that wasn’t about to happen.

…As usual Monday morning, Jackie let Shadow know she was leaving and he was there to take over in 35 seconds flat…and then complained big time when she returned saying that it was still his turn. As always, she didn’t buy it…and had a bit to say about it as he left. Wise Shadow soon delivered a fish (headless of course) to make amends. Jackie happily accepted his offering…but then told him he was not allowed to watch her eat it, so he had to leave.

…somehow during the day, a trickster stick got into the nest and played games with both of them. Shadow first, tried to arrange that stick where it belonged, but it jumped right out of his beak and across his back. then after the final shift change of the day, Jackie started biting the same stick, and it flipped right over across her back. They will definitely have to be more careful about which sticks they let into the nest.


February 21, 2021 – Daddy Duty

Eagle Update Pictures

Early Friday morning, Shadow woke Jackie up with his sweet morning chortles, to which she responded, and they had a nice long discussion. Jackie rolled the eggs and spent a bit more time with them before calling out to Shadow and flew off, Shadow was right there for daddy duty within 30 seconds!!

They seemed to have a fairly quiet and relaxing day, no arguments over who is on egg duty, just nice, smooth transitions. At one point Shadow even took a little nap, something we don’t see often, he woke up, shook his head and threw out a big ole yawn! Around noon, we could hear raven vocals, Shadow shouted out and Jackie was there in a flash, both working together to protect the nest. Jackie took the afternoon shift but just before bedtime, she shouted out for a full 2 minutes until Shadow flew in with another headless fish, starting to wonder if the lake is full of these headless fish!! Jackie gobbled it down in less than 2 minutes and settled in for the night…. But wait! Shadow surprised us and dropped in for a quick visit after sundown, seems he wanted some more daddy time with the eggs, maybe overnight? Jackie made it quite clear, that wasn’t happening….not tonight, not tomorrow, not ever…

On a very windy Saturday, Shadow came in early to relieve Jackie, she never argues on that duty change, when morning rolls around she is ready to stretch her wings. After 2 ½ hours on daddy duty, wondering if Shadow envisions Jackie bringing him a tailless breakfish, it could happen….in his dreams! When Jackie did return, Shadow again tried his best to stand his ground….yelled a little, ignored her a lot, nipped at her wing (that wasn’t a good idea)…Jackie moved in closer…closer…closer then went right in for the beak nibble, that worked! Shadow finally waved his white flag and let her have her way, after all she IS a really big eagle! Shadow returned with a nice sized, well-manicured stick that suspiciously had clean cuts on both ends, someone just might be missing some firewood, and this wasn’t the first time we’ve seen a stick like that! Dad took the afternoon off again and showed up after dark again and wanted Jackie to give him a turn again and Jackie said “no” again…this time he even tried to sweeten the deal with a little beak bump to no avail.

Pip watch will begin March 15th! A pip is the first hole or crack in the egg indicating the hatching process has begun. We should see a hatch shortly after that.

Quick Facts:

When the eagles walk around the eggs, they curl in their talons under so they don’t damage the eggs.

Eagles frequently roll the eggs throughout the day & night. This keeps the membranes from sticking to the shell and helps to evenly distribute heat to the egg.

Shadow sleeps in nearby roost trees at night, why he does not stay in the nest tree we don’t know. Seems each eagle pair has their own preference. At some nests, the male does sleep in the nest tree.

February 18, 2021 – The Fish That Got Away

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow continue expanding their incubation-time expertise–from proper fish etiquette and shift coordination to stick management, order-shouting and silent persuasion.

…Shadow had to learn the hard way that if you plan to eat part of the fish, you had best do it BEFORE bringing the fish to the nest. Wednesday morning he tried bringing the whole fish and eating the part he wanted (the head) with Jackie watching–not a good idea. It is difficult to enjoy your meal with someone yelling loudly from across the room and then moving, all huffed up like a monster, closer and closer until they steal it right out from under you. His later fish delivery was headless and all went smoothly.

…the same day, Shadow tried a new technique for getting Jackie to turn egg duty over to him–he arrived on the back porch (out of view) and started ‘suggesting’ that she should get up and leave…it took over 17 minutes of rather heated back and forth discussion before she agreed to let him take over.

…Meanwhile, Jackie has stuck with her old standby techniques–leave and shout from the distance that you’d better get there pronto (he does), or the ever effective ‘louder-than-words’ silent stare. No matter how much he argues, her stare always wins.

…When an unruly stick sneaked in too close to the egg-sitting zone, it took both of their efforts to get it back in control–they tried biting it into submission, pushing it while sitting, ignoring how much it was in the way and pulling it up higher before Shadow finally took that stick in hand (or beak) and moved it clear to the side of the nest.

One last note for anyone having trouble telling Shadow and Jackie apart. You can use the always accurate shark-fin method…when Shadow is bending over the eggs, his back feathers stand up in a point that looks like a tiny shark fin. Jackie’s ‘fin’ conveniently splits into 2 points so it looks different than Shadow’s.


February 17, 2021 – Serious Discussions

Eagle Update Pictures

Monday mornings seem to be the same for everyone, even eagles! Jackie woke up at her regular time, but lounged around and stayed in bed until 7:00am, pretty late for an early bird like herself….that’s ok, she isn’t after the worm anyway…. She sounded off her alarm for Shadow and headed out to stretch her wings.

Shadow still being stubborn and refusing to move, Jackie often bows her head and appears to be counting to 3 which rarely works, well it never works….kisses were the key this time!

Both Jackie and Shadow decided to accessorize with some long lake grass, though both looked beautiful, Shadow won the prize for this round in the pageant! Shadow brought in another headless fish for Jackie, he sure can’t pretend he found it like that, the proof is all over his beak. They couldn’t be more perfect for each other, he likes the head, she loves the tail and yes, she gulped that huge piece of fish down all at once!!

Yesterday Shadow arrived early landing on the front porch balcony. They both threw their heads back and belted out a duet, singing good morning to the neighborhood! When Jackie moved out to the front porch, Shadow had no choice but to play leapfrog, hurdling over Jackie’s head to get to the nest. They switched off many times and yes, Shadow used his stick tricks and yes, it worked again…. and again…. In addition to Shadow using sticks, fluff and walking on Jackie’s back, looks like he is taking notes from her and has become quite the vocalist! Squeeing, chortling, whining, complaining (maybe even yelling) at Jackie when she comes back to take over incubating….you can almost hear “I don’t waaaaaanna get up!” At the last changing of the guard, wow…. they had quite the discussion going on, maybe Shadow wanted to stay in the nest overnight….we can see who won that debate!

February 15, 2021 – A Day In The Life

Eagle Update Pictures

Over the weekend Jackie and Shadow were both great at incubating, rolling eggs, yelling at ravens and arranging the nest while sitting…and they worked together on shift changes in complete cooperation–well mostly complete…well at least some cooperation, except for the part where neither one of them wants to get off the eggs when it’s the other one’s turn to incubate.

…Jackie usually lets Shadow take over early in the morning after she sits all night…Saturday she left before dawn and did a chortling announcement about it from a distance…Shadow arrived at the nest in less than a minute and announced his arrival back to Jackie.

…Jackie often brings fluff to the nest and then stares at Shadow until he gets up…he usually tries to ignore her at first, but eventually follows her implied orders (it’s hard to argue with Jackie, even silently)

…when it’s his turn to take over, Shadow has a whole kit full of techniques to convince Jackie…Saturday morning, he brought a big stick, decided it belonged on the other side of the nest and walked right across Jackie’s back to get there–a not-so-subtle reminder that he was there and it was his turn…it worked.

…but for the rest of the day, probably because of the high winds, Jackie decided she was the only one qualified to sit on those eggs and no matter what Shadow tried, she refused to budge…

—a giant stick delivery didn’t work…

—bonking her with the next big stick delivery didn’t work…and neither did laying the stick on her from either direction…

—delivering a bunch of fluff didn’t work…nor did an even bigger bunch of fluff…nor did nipping at her wing…he finally gave up and she stayed on the nest through the windstorm (about 20 hours straight on the nest).

During her 20 hours, Jackie had to poop off the side of the nest…and afterwards, as she often does, she loudly announced it to the neighborhood. In the night, the wind was blowing her feathers all around and one giant gust blew her clear off-balance.

. On Sunday, besides always pretending Jackie wasn’t there when she came to take over (it never works), and sadly losing one prize stick over the side–he stared longingly down at it–Shadow perfected his “getting Jackie off the eggs” techniques…

…bumping her with the big sticks he brings continues to work well…

…but his best technique yet was to stand right in front of her so there is no way she can’t see him, and then clinch it with a surprise kiss–she was up off the eggs in under a minute.

…and then just to stay in her good graces, it doesn’t hurt to bring her a fish for lunch and another one for dinner.


February 14, 2021 – New Live Cam Link

Click here for the live eagle cam. 


February 13, 2021 – A Job Well Done

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been super egg parents since the 1st egg of the new clutch was laid. They been protecting the nest and incubating the eggs like they have in previous seasons.

Thursday started like any other day, Jackie & Shadow shared incubation duties and Shadow like the good mate he is continued to bring in food. At the end of the day after Shadow’s last visit, Jackie laid the 2nd egg of the clutch!

Yesterday Jackie slept in later than usual, woke up with a big yawn and waited for Shadow. She didn’t have to wait long; there he was to see the 2nd egg for the first time and to let her go out and stretch her wings. Shadow is already up to his old tricks… when he incubates and Jackie returns… he simply ignores her, she takes a step closer, he turns his head, she stares at him, he turns the other way, she talks softly to him, he talks back to her…..oh Shadow.

The area had a little bit of hail and snow yesterday, Jackie hunkered down and kept the egg babies warm and comfy, the weather quickly cleared, the sun came out and the snow in the nest melted. Shadow brought in a nice fish and a small bird, Jackie ate both!! Shadow even did a mighty wing slap at some ravens when he thought they got a little too close! Shadow headed off to a nearby roost tree for the night and Jackie settled in with her eggs.

February 13, 2021 – URGENT – LIVE CAM

The current live stream will be down for maintenance on 2-14-2021 at 9:00 am PST. At that time a new stream address will be created and the current stream will no longer work. Please check back here on 2-14-2021 for the new live cam link. Announcements will also be made on the FOBBV Facebook page and on the Facebook interactive sister group. Thank you.

February 11, 2021 – Egg # 2 Has Arrived!

Eagle Update Pictures

Congratulations Jackie & Shadow!!! Jackie laid her 2nd egg of the 2nd clutch of the season at 5:21pm PST on February 11th. Both eagles have been doing a great job protecting and incubating egg #1. Pip watch will begin on March 15th.

February 9, 2021 – Laying, Protecting and Incubating The New Egg

Eagle Update Pictures

Over the last few days Jackie & Shadow have been very busy bringing more sticks, more fluff, lots of fish and oodles of kisses!

Now for the big event! Though we knew there was a chance Jackie would lay a 2nd clutch, she really surprised us yesterday afternoon by laying the egg mid-day and with Shadow by her side no less! The morning started like most other days, sticks, sticks more sticks…..Shadow delivered a couple of large bundles of soft materials….. Jackie flew in with a nice catfish and did not share with Shadow, no worries Shadow had a nice sized crop already. They tidied up the nest and spent a lot of time just hanging out side by side.

Just after 2:30pm PT, Jackie’s head feathers starting to rise, then she roused her body feathers and started rocking side to side. This is when Shadow decided he needed to get out of there and go to the waiting room or the front porch in this case. Jackie started her “tea kettle” vocals and Shadow watched with concern for her. The actual egg laying event didn’t take long, 4 to 5 minutes and then the great reveal! Shadow stayed with her until the egg was laid and flew off shortly after. He returned just short of an hour later and mama said, nope, not your turn yet! So Shadow does what he has always done…. leaves….returns with a stick….puts it on Jackie’s back and gets his way! Jackie let him have some incubation time, about 1 ½ hours when Jackie returned for the night….

February 8, 2021 – Congratulations Jackie & Shadow! Part 2

Eagle Update Pictures

Congratulations Jackie & Shadow!! Jackie laid the 1st egg of her 2nd clutch at 2:42pm PT on February 8th. Shadow was by her side for much of the beautiful event. Jackie looks good and is now resting.

February 7, 2021 – Fish Gifts and More

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been at the nest several times a day this week, sharing togetherness; bringing, arranging and sometimes battling with new sticks; sitting in the fluff of the nest bowl; sneaking in sweet kisses and dining on Shadow’s frequent fish deliveries.

Some of the highlights…

…Jackie seems to thoroughly enjoy sliding into the nest full speed from the right side entrance…this time she even startled Shadow when she forgot to hit the brakes and landed a bit on her nose. He, of course, did what any caring mate would do and immediately started straightening out the sticks she knocked out of place with her daredevil landing.

…as Shadow brings fish to the nest, Jackie starts squealing as soon as he even thinks about catching one, either in the nest announcing his imminent delivery or from a distance as she races in to claim it…and Shadow has gotten sweeter each day in the deliveries…stepping back to show it’s all hers, sliding the fish over to her, or giving her gentle kisses as she takes it.

…He’s kept her so well fed that sometimes she cannot even finish the fish, so he helps her with that…and once quite bravely reached in even as she continued soft squeals to pull the fish from under her feet and finish it for her.

…Jackie set new records for the best ‘hovering over the fish to claim it as mine’…and seems to be doing a lot of wide open wings-spread arrivals, sometimes fully caressing Shadow in the process.

…both Jackie and Shadow are keeping a close eye on the nest and have come racing in to assist each other in warning away ravens that are getting too close…and as a result, the ravens have been mostly keeping their distance.

…one evening after the homeowners had headed to their roost tree, Fiona dropped by for a short little visit.

As always, we will just keep watching to see what Jackie and Shadow have in store for us next.


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February 3, 2021 – Work Work Work and a Little Us Time

Eagle Update Pictures

All work and a little play…..

Over the last several days Jackie and Shadow have been working their talons to the bone. Sticks, fluff, fish & kisses….

After the storms, the nest started out full of snow, it didn’t seem to bother them much, Jackie just kicked it out of the way and settled right in. Each day they have made several visits to the nest, Shadow bringing fish & sticks, Jackie fish & fluff.

The ravens have kept their distance since Jackie and Shadow have been more alert and in nest protection mode. Their behavior is showing they are back in sync, Shadow bringing fish gifts for Jackie, placing sticks on her back and standing by her side while she is laying in the nest. Does this mean more eggs? We simply don’t know. Jackie can have up to 3 two-week periods of fertility in a breeding season. The frequent visits, recent nest building and bonding are all good signs that they haven’t given up.

Yesterday Jackie & Shadow arrived early, worked on the nest, enjoyed the sunrise then the real work began! In total they brought in 6 sticks by 10:36am, but that wasn’t the end….Jackie came in with a nice fish, just as she started in on her mid-morning snack, Shadow showed up with his own fish….well he thought it was his until Jackie decided it looked tastier than hers (don’t worry, Shadow had already munched on his fish before he got there, he knows his lady too well!). Shadow watched and waited for Jackie to finish her meal before he moved in on “her” fish (maybe making sure she was full) and then he saved the tail for her. They returned in the afternoon for nice long bonding visit, Shadow being very attentive and kissy kissy with Jackie, this time more play and less work. At dusk, Jackie came in for one last check on the nest, then she headed out to find her Shadow.

February 1, 2021 – Happy Hatch-Day

Eagle Update Pictures

When Jackie and Shadow both arrived at the nest for the 1st time, we could age them both by their plumage. Each of them still had remnants of sub-adult markings in their feathers which made it possible to determine their age (See attached pictures). Once a Bald Eagle turns 5 years of old, their age can no longer be determined as their feather patterns do not change. Since Jackie & Shadow are not banded, we can’t be sure where they came from or the date they hatched. We do know hatching can take place anytime in winter/spring depending on the region. FOBBV decided to make February 1st the observed hatch day for both eagles. So HAPPY HATCH-DAY Jackie, 9 years old & Shadow, 7 years old!!

* Happy Hatch Day photo courtesy of our chat moderator, Silent Wings.

January 30, 2021 – Sharing Is Caring

Eagle Update Pictures

With the off and on snow storms over the past few days, Jackie and Shadow keep finding themselves ankle deep (literally!) in new snow. But it hasn’t kept them from working, bringing sticks, sitting, hanging out together and sometimes even dining in the snow-covered nest.

. Jackie has been at the nest daily and Shadow on most days. They’ve also had a few visits from their raven neighbors looking for left-over snacks. For each visit however, either Jackie or Shadow has raced in and chased away their guests. Jackie also loudly reminds them who this nest belongs to. But this pair of ravens is apparently quite adventurous–one day they even mated in the middle of the nest while the eagles were away.

That afternoon, Shadow brought in a big fish for lunch and Jackie quickly arrived squealing about the fish being hers. Shadow had a little something to say about that and the loud discussion continued for some time…interrupted only by Shadow having a sudden OCD attack…he had to move an obviously out of place stick to the right place before jumping back into the conversation. Jackie won that argument and Shadow stepped aside like a gentleman and let her have the fish. She happily hunkered over it and continued squealing all while she ate. As soon as Shadow left, Jackie was apparently tired of politely eating bits at a time and she swallowed the whole tail in one gulp.The ravens came in again to gobble up leftovers, but Jackie was there in an instant to get them gone–and she gave them a loud warning to boot.

. Jackie and Shadow have both been bringing sticks to the nest and have spent a lot of time team-working the sticks, hanging out together and sneaking in a bit of kissy kissy.

. Jackie has been trying out the nest bowl often and after the snow melted a bit, she brought in a pile of soft nest bowl lining (which can be hard to obtain on ground covered with 2 feet of snow). The next day, even though Shadow tried to make sure no one was looking, we caught him sitting in the nest bowl for a split second…but Jackie arrived soon after and did more of her own sitting.

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Thank you for your support and for enjoying Jackie and Shadow!


January 25, 2021 – Snow Snow, More Snow And A Big Fish

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow continue their adventures at the nest over the last few days. Friday Shadow was in early with a stick, he seems to be tracking Jackie flying around and soon she came in to join him. They worked a bit on the nest…Jackie hunkered down to deal with the high winds that were rockin & rollin the nest all day! Shadow came soaring in later on a small tree that he got all tangled-up in. Once he freed himself, he placed the stick right in front of the east entrance, he spent the next 10 minutes trying to get the stick to lay down…soon Jackie arrived… They hung out together at the nest, relaxing, Jackie testing the nest bowl. Shadow hurdled over the new front porch rail, Jackie used the back door and they headed out to enjoy the rest of their afternoon. Jackie arrived the next morning to find the nest buried in snow and despite the cold stuff, she tried out the nest bowl once again for a short time. She took some time standing on the edge of the nest and gazed out over the valley looking like the beautiful snow queen she is! Both retuned later in the evening for a short visit, attempted to work on the nest but didn’t seem to like the snow piling up in their beaks. Jackie did a quick test of the nest bowl while Shadow looked a bit confused as to why she would do that! They headed off to find shelter as a new storm was moving in. After a full night of snow, the ravens came by to do some snow removal for Jackie & Shadow, quite neighborly of them wouldn’t you say? They were flinging snow off the nest, tossed a couple of sticks over the side and found a few snacks for themselves along the way. Later Shadow flew in with a huge fish, apparently the brazen ravens thought they should have a dinner invite for all the work they did earlier in the day. They landed in the nest while Shadow was eating, he wasn’t about to let them interrupt his meal, despite a couple of wingslaps and an few mean eagle stares, they stood their ground until they saw Jackie coming in! Jackie arrived with a decent sized crop but wanted some of Shadow’s tasty fish, she cried, whined, yelled…. tried to steal it…eventually Shadow gave in, stepped aside and let her have the tail end which she gulped down in one swallow! They hung around for about an hour, Shadow out on the high branch and Jackie laying in the nest. They both headed out early to the roost tree as yet another snowstorm was rolling in…

January 22, 2021 – Taking Care of Business

Eagle Update Pictures

Calendars available! plus Jackie & Shadow fundraising results below…

. Yesterday Jackie flew in screaming at intruders flying near the nest…making sure everyone in the neighborhood knows that this is her nest and they better clear out. And it worked! Whoever was around left immediately and Jackie was able to spend her time arranging the soft nest liner that she brought in with her.

. She returned in the evening for more arranging and was quickly joined by Shadow so he could make sure everything was put into it’s proper place. Shadow was the smoochie one this time, but Jackie didn’t seem to mind. As soon as Shadow headed out, Jackie had a little try-out in the nest bowl before joining him with lots of chortling back and forth from the nearby roost tree.

. The day before Jackie slid into the nest while yelling at ravens and Shadow quickly joined her to very loudly tell those guys to get away. Jackie and Shadow have been at the nest several times over the past few days, often together, yelling at intruders, putting the nest back in order and bringing new sticks–sometimes giant ones. Of course with all that closeness, there have been a few little kissy kissy sessions. And they have both been eating quite well, coming in with crops so full it looks like they might tip over. But that didn’t stop Shadow from bringing a giant fish to the nest for Tuesday’s lunch…this time he generously left the tail for Jackie.

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JACKIE & SHADOW’S HABITAT FUNDRAISER — we reached our goal with $80,759 received. THANK YOU all very much for supporting us in this!! We have filed the legal claims challenging the approval of the development that would impact Jackie and Shadow and their nest. We will keep you posted as things develop on this.

Thank you to all of you for watching the nest cam and caring about Jackie and Shadow. We are very happy that everyone is learning about these beautiful bald eagles and their daily activities.


January 16, 2021 – Moving On

Eagle Update Pictures

After an eventful and tough week full of highs and lows, it looks like Jackie & Shadow are moving forward to the next chapter in their lives and now we can all move forward with them. Thursday night Jackie stayed in the nest as her body is telling her that is where she needs to be. Jackie came in Friday afternoon to discover a bonded pair of ravens had decided to rearrange the nest, snooping in all the nooks and crannies looking for some sort of treasure. She didn’t seem to like their decorating style too much but decided to wait for Shadow to get everything back in place. Both Jackie and Shadow retuned after sunset and seemed to be back in nestoration mode, both working on the same sticks together, clearing out the nest center, bumping and bonding….Shadow headed off to the roost tree and Jackie stayed another night at the nest, this time she slept standing up, which is preferred with eagles. Yesterday they took the day off to enjoy the beauty of Big Bear Valley. They both stopped by the nest again after sunset, each with HUGE crops, they must have spent the day fishing! They worked on the nest, each stopping for a little kissy beaky at times. Shadow headed out to the roost tree for the night and Jackie followed shortly after….Life is back to normal for our sweet eagle couple.

January 14, 2021 – The Last Egg Lost To Ravens

Eagle Update Pictures

We are very sad to report that egg #2 was preyed on by ravens this afternoon. The eagles have clearly been focused on something else, we will never know what that may be. The egg having little incubation time was not likely to hatch. Jackie & Shadow can now move on and focus on their future. We are early in the breeding season so there is still a chance Jackie can lay a 2nd clutch in a month or two, though it is not guaranteed. We will continue to observe Jackie & Shadow to see what they have planned for the future.

January 13, 2021 – Egg #3

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie is sleeping now after another rough event this evening. She laid a third egg, but it somehow had gotten broken either before or during the laying process. That process ended up being long and hard this time, possibly due to the egg being broken. We do not know why it would have gotten broken. She is resting now and incubating the 2nd egg.


January 9, 2021 – Congratulations Jackie and Shadow On Their 2nd Egg

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow’s 2nd egg arrived in the evening of 1/9. Shadow joined Jackie shortly after the egg was laid, she made him wait quite awhile before the big reveal… Congratulations Jackie and Shadow!

January 8, 2021 – Shadow Returns

Eagle Update Pictures

After being absent from the nest for a couple of days, Shadow flew in with a nice big fish, calming the viewer’s concerns for his safety!

January 7, 2021 – The Egg Has Been Taken

Eagle Update Pictures

We are all very sad to report that the egg Jackie laid yesterday was preyed on by ravens this afternoon while Jackie was away from the nest. Shadow has not been seen at the nest since yesterday morning. We do not know why he was not coming to help with the egg, but there is no cause for concern at this time. There is a possibility that Jackie will lay another egg within a couple of days. The only thing we can do now is observe.

January 6, 2021 – Congratulations Jackie & Shadow!

Eagle Update Pictures

On 1/6/2021 at 5:41 PM Jackie laid her 1st egg of the 2021 season! Congratulations Jackie & Shadow!!

January 3, 2021 – Egg Watch 2021

Eagle Update Pictures

My oh my…Jackie & Shadow have been busy and keeping us busy!

Thursday Jackie flew in the side door with a nice crib rail, she has been working hard getting the nest ready for eggs….she didn’t waste much time testing out the nest bowl, it looks mighty cold to us, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much. Soon Shadow came in with a fish and this time Jackie took it for herself. Shadow did not put up a fight meaning this fish was a gift! They made several more visits, adding more sticks placing them just right. With the high winds, Jackie got tangled up in Shadow’s tail feathers, she didn’t look as amused as we were by the situation. Later in the afternoon Shadow returned with another fish, he was only gone about 5 minutes showing what a great fisherman he is! Jackie seemed to think this was another fish gift, but Shadow made it very clear, this one was his. When there are no eggs or chicks, eagles fend for themselves, so it was a good sign when Shadow brought Jackie breakfast.

New Years day was a busy one for the eagles, starting early bringing in one stick after the other, they delivered 9 sticks in 1 hour, 11 for the day! Jackie is back to her giant stick shenanigans, just when it seems there is no room for more, she proves us wrong… After several visits they ended the day at dusk together in the nest, Shadow is being much more attentive. A lot of bonding, bumping and of course some beaky kisses…

Saturday Jackie was once again flying solo, Shadow decided to take another day off to relax. Jackie checked in a few times for some short visits and to lay in the nest for a bit.

A big thank you to all our followers, yesterday we reached 100,000 followers!! Remember to follow us to get all of the updates on Jackie & Shadow and of course we are officially in egg watch 2021!

January 1, 2021 – Snow and Fish

Eagle Update Pictures

Happy New Year’s Day! Starting a few days before New Year’s eve, Jackie has been making a few visits to the nest every day, mostly to sit in the nest bowl. She and Shadow have also been bringing fish to eat at the nest–both of these are definite nesting season behaviors…

On Sunday, she came twice and Shadow not at all–so she had an extensive long distance conversation with him about it…Shadow got in the last word…and still didn’t show up at the nest.

By Jackie’s mid-day visit on Monday, the nest was overflowing with new snow. No matter how many times she tried to sit down, it was just way too cold on her belly and she ended up sort of squatting for a few seconds at a time instead of laying in that icy white stuff. She brought a fish for lunch and ate the whole thing herself. Shadow finally joined her on her 3rd visit for a little ‘sticky’ teamwork. It was windy and cold all day, but that didn’t stop Jackie from another visit right before sundown to give sitting one more good try…still too cold.

Jackie came sliding in from the right entry door with a big fish early Tuesday…and again she ate the whole thing herself. She didn’t try sitting until her late morning visit, and even though it was very windy and cold she managed to sit for a few minutes at a time.

Then it was Shadow’s turn to bring a fish…and he wouldn’t share either, no matter how loud Jackie’s cries were. I’m pretty sure I heard him saying something about her crop being still full from breakfast–but that didn’t stop her from trying to convince him she was starving. At one point he stood on his fish with both feet to make sure she didn’t try any shenanigans. After he finished, Jackie laid in the nest and he almost blew away on his way out…karma?…so, he brought another fish…and still wouldn’t let Jackie have any when she came flying in, squealing. But they made peace after that. And when Jackie returned for her early evening visit, they teamed up to keep an eye on some pesky ravens.

Jackie started the day early again on Wednesday and made a total of 8 visits to the nest, sitting a bit each time. A couple of those visits were to chase away a couple of ravens snatching fish scraps. The 2nd time Shadow even came to help.

After sitting for a while in the evening, Jackie was apparently upset that Shadow had not arrived. So, first she called out to him across the valley, then went out to fetch him…he seemed to get the message at that point and followed her right back to the nest for an after sunset visit…and he was smart enough to give her some attention and nice head nibbles before heading out to roost.

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December 27, 2020 – Bonding And More

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie & Shadow have been hanging out at the nest more often recently, adding sticks, fluff, arranging furniture and just relaxing. This is all part of the bonding and breeding process…. Jackie lays in the nest bowl on just about every visit, sometimes for long periods of time….does this mean eggs? Only Jackie knows the answer to that question!

Thursday Jackie was flying solo making several visits to the nest while Shadow decided to take the day off…She brought in a nice fish for lunch, while eating she seems to be looking for Shadow, maybe she wanted him to know she is just as good at fishing as he is or maybe she wanted him to know this was her fish and she had no intentions of sharing! As she was enjoying her lunch, light snow started to fall, by nightfall the nest was covered in snow & icy slush….winter has arrived…

Friday they both arrived early within seconds of each other & stayed for a short visit. Jackie stopped in a couple more times to deliver some sticks, test the nest and back out again. Later in the day Shadow arrived with a fish of his own, this time Jackie stayed away so he could enjoy his afternoon snack (though we did hear her voicing her opinions from afar!). Soon after he gulped down the last of his fish, Jackie came in, they worked a little…Shadow couldn’t resist and grabbed Jackie’s tail feathers while she laid in the nest…. this of course led to a whole lotta sweet kissy kissy which was probably Shadow’s plan all along!

Saturday they arrived together to the nest each with nice clumps of fluff, … When Shadow was heading out the front to leave, Jackie nibbled on his tail feathers, her plan was successful, he returned to the nest for some more beak kissing & bonding time. Shadow took off to the stick depot while Jackie used her alone time to arrange the fluff around the nest until everything was just right. Jackie returned for a long visit later in the afternoon, laying in the nest for more than 1.5 hours…. Its getting eggciting!

December 24, 2020 – Indecision

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow seem to be having a bit of indecision about whether it’s nesting season or not–Jackie seems sure that it is and Shadow sometimes acts like it is, sometimes not. Some of their nesting season actions include…they both continue to bring sticks to the nest and bond, Jackie keeps coming to sit in the nest bowl, Shadow brings food to the nest…but then Shadow doesn’t want to share the food he brings with Jackie, which is an off-season behavior–or maybe he’s just waiting until he sees an egg to be convinced enough to give up some of his lunch.

…Monday afternoon, Shadow brought a fish to the nest. Jackie, with her skilled food detection system, started squealing at him from a distance that she was coming for that food. In response, he put his foot down (literally!) on that fish and squawked back at her. When she arrived, he held his ground, guarding and eating the fish no matter how loud Jackie squealed…until at the last minute, Jackie pushed in and grabbed the tail and swallowed it down in one gulp…

…then they both cleaned up the crumbs and went back to moving sticks like normal. Jackie sat in the nest bowl while Shadow sat on the front porch for almost an hour. When she got up, Shadow came right in to check underneath her, apparently looking for an egg. After a little teamwork on the nest, Jackie sat back down and Shadow showered her in kisses.

The next evening everything seemed back to peace and calm…Jackie arrived first, with Shadow right behind her for a little nest arranging team work and some more of that kissy kissy stuff.

Yesterday, Jackie slid into the nest mid-morning for some quiet nest-sitting…that is until Shadow arrived with a little rodent lunch that he again refused to share. Jackie wasn’t quite so upset this time (maybe because her crop was pretty full already) and Shadow did let her help clean up the leftovers. Then Jackie went back to sitting while Shadow went in search of the perfect stick…twice.

While they were away for the afternoon, a couple of hungry ravens dropped in to clean up any remaining leftovers–at least they were smart enough to keep a sharp lookout every few seconds for any returning homeowners.

Jackie was back a bit later for more sitting…but something was upsetting her in the distance, so she left to check things out. She returned one more time for some nest sitting before heading out for the night.

Jackie, Shadow and all of us at Friends of Big Bear Valley wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever other holiday you celebrate, please Enjoy!


December 19, 2020 – Preparing and Protecting The Nest

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have continued their quiet bonding with nest-building and hanging out at the nest the past few days…

Tuesday early morning, Jackie had a visit from a couple of very brave (or not very bright) ravens while she was in the nest…one at a time, they sat right on the front porch, even trading places and hip-hopping closer, right up until…Jackie had had quite enough and with one giant wing-slap sent them skedaddling out of there. Then she sat on the front porch like she was reclaiming her territory…and she came back within the hour to double check all was in order.

Late morning, Shadow delivered a nice stick and worked hard until Jackie arrived with her contribution, which he promptly took from her to place where he knew it belonged…then they just hung out in the nest for 2-1/2 hours…and of course Shadow could not resist his mischievous little bites at Jackie’s tail. Jackie made one more short evening visit before roost time.

The next day, Jackie only dropped by in the evening for a quick stick delivery and a little nest sitting…but she was back early the next morning with another stick, more sitting and a little housekeeping. Shadow soon joined her with a more serious stick and some teamwork on the nest…

…not to be outdone, Jackie later brought in one of her monstrosities. After arranging that quite properly, she did a little nest-sitting, some more furniture arranging, and a little more sitting to try out the fit before Shadow joined her and the stick rearranging got much more serious with some nice teamwork…never mind that it was sometimes in opposite directions…and that sometimes Shadow was more called to nibbling on Jackie than on the sticks. One more really fat stick delivery in the evening made Shadow’s day complete…and of course, Jackie brought in her contribution, which was obviously greatly appreciated with a little peck on the cheek.

The only visit yesterday was a quick drop in by Jackie in the evening and some long distance communication that took her back out to join up with him (heard by some distant chortling).


December 13, 2020 – Busy Times

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday was an exciting and busy day at the nest. Jackie in first, she tested the nest bowl and nope, it needed some work. She was soon joined by Shadow with his contribution….Jackie seemed to want to help him find a spot, but Shadow insisted, this was his stick….out of the way, I will find the best place to put it. Jackie tested out the nest bowl once again, but Shadow couldn’t resist a little beaky kissy…. again, Jackie settled into the nest bowl and this time she stayed for over 2 hours (the rumors are starting)! For a bit, the nest had a nicely defined bowl but that sure didn’t last long….

Shadow returned empty taloned, diddled with a few sticks and then enjoyed a few minutes of quiet time before Jackie joined him. They worked together moving sticks, a little kissy kissy, move a stick, another beak bump… both supervising the other on stick placement. Jackie was on a roll in the afternoon bringing in stick after crazy stick. She had a few interesting fly ins…. even coming in through the far side of the nest, we were wondering if air traffic control diverted her entrance due to the high winds!?! She spent the rest of the afternoon moving the big furniture from place to place, several times heading right towards the camera….. Noooooo! All in all a great day at the nest!

December 11, 2020 – A Little Work…A Little Play…A Lot of Rest

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow visited the nest several times over the past few days…and they all were calm, quiet visits–even though it was often so windy their feathers were standing straight out.

Jackie was in early on Tuesday morning for a quick look around, then back twice more that morning to do some work and a little nest sitting. Shadow joined her at one point…and was back to some of his mischief. He left the nest briefly and popped back in with a nice stick…that he proceeded to lay on top of Jackie. No worries, though–her look was enough to get him to remove it immediately.

A raven decided to check things out while they were away, then Jackie dropped in for some sitting, Shadow stopped by to deliver a another nice stick, Jackie joined him and then sat more as soon as Shadow left. He brought another stick for a little game of ‘stick tussle’, which lead to a some sweet cheek nibbling and the beaky beaky game. Shadow returned later with one more stick for the day…but well, decided that wasn’t quite enough so he had to go get just one more. Then Jackie joined for a bit more work, a bit more kissies and a bit more sitting.

The next day, a brave gray squirrel was the first visitor of the day, but he was quick to leave before Jackie arrived a minute later–she could obviously tell someone had been in her nest. She did a little housekeeping before Shadow joined her, with, guess what?–another stick. After Jackie left, Shadow stayed to work…and then spent 2-1/2 hours standing in the same spot just watching the neighborhood. (So we were able to zoom in for a few close-ups of this handsome guy.) After all that standing, a little yoga pose was of course in order to stretch it out.

In the afternoon, Jackie dropped in with a fish for a little nest-side lunch. And she returned in the evening to finish the housekeeping and get in one more nest bowl sit before leaving for the roost.

Sweet, quiet days of preparation…


December 8, 2020 – Nosey Neighbors

Eagle Update Pictures

After a short vacation, Jackie and Shadow decided to visit the nest yesterday afternoon. Seems when the Eagles are away, the Ravens will play. The neighborhood Ravens love to play in the wind and yesterday they were out and about, even stopping in to check out the nest a few times. Jackie and Shadow sure had something to say about that! Shadow came in first, gave them a piece of his mind, then Jackie came in and had to throw out a couple of wing slaps, the Ravens knew she meant business and soon vacated the area.

Our celebrity couple returned late afternoon making sure the Ravens were still behaving, did some light housekeeping, a little feather nipping and of course got in some kissy kissy before heading out to roost for the night.

The big news of the day, that unruly giant stick that was blocking our view of the nest and lake lost its battle with the wind and is now laying low under the camera!!

November 30, 2020 – Regular Visits

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow seem to be on a ‘more regular visits to the nest’ schedule lately…

The past two days they made at least 3 visits each day, mostly together, sometimes with just Jackie (especially if she wanted a little sit in the nest bowl time)…and most of those visits included multiple trips out to bring in more sticks, a small tree or two and a of couple mini-logs.

Saturday morning was a work visit with Jackie in first, bringing and arranging sticks. She rested on the back porch while Shadow took his work shift…then working together with a few little kisses in between tasks (or maybe a couple of those were ‘don’t touch my stick, I had it in just the right place’ warnings.)

. That evening Jackie won the ‘tiniest stick’ contest…and Shadow gave her little nibbles of appreciation when he arrived. They finished out the day with a bit more work, a bit more play. (and a good size comparison of the two of them as they stood backs to us, side-by-side)

Shadow was first in Sunday morning, followed soon by Jackie with a small tree complete with leaves (she of course had to make up for that tiny stick the night before!)…and Shadow pitched in to help her find just the right location for it…’over here’…’no, over there’…’let me show you’..’.this is where it goes’. They both had to do a little raven watching (one landed right above the nest).

Shadow brought more sticks, then Jackie brought another tree…and she found the perfect spot–right across Shadow’s back!

Jackie was first in the evening sliding in from the right with sticks…and a little nest bowl sit time. Shadow arrived in time for some teamwork, some snuggling and a few late evening poses before he headed off to roost. Jackie followed almost immediately.


November 26, 2020 – Stick Sticks and More Sticks

Eagle Update Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving from Jackie and Shadow….and all of us at Friends of Big Bear Valley. We are all very grateful for each and all of you!

Yesterday was an intense work day for the “J & S Premier Stick Delivery Service” company. They started late morning and worked diligently for almost two hours. Company owners, Jackie and Shadow, each flew off several times only to return moments later with yet another long, pointy addition to the nest…and of course, their expert service includes placing each stick in exactly the proper location. Many of the sticks delivered were such large prime specimens that placement was a two-eagle task. For work efficiency, one often stayed behind to continue the arrangement tasks while the other flew out to procure the next addition.

In between deliveries, neighborhood watch duties were maintained, with both workers participating.

And in spite of strong winds often whipping their feathers around, they performed all duties with great expertise and professionalism…well, almost all of them…well, except for the little moment when Jackie couldn’t resist trying out the nest bowl…and then Shadow returned with a little stick to put on her head…and the moment with the extra long stick that Shadow got stuck on his foot…and the little flirting slips that Shadow couldn’t resist in biting Jackie’s tail feathers. I mean, after all, what guy would be able to contain himself around a woman who can so confidently lug around those big, complex sticks!

When Jackie sat again, Shadow arrived with a big stick that accidentally poked Jackie in the wing…but she let him know immediately to move it. To make up, they worked together on a big stick and were quickly able to find a few moments for some little beak smooches in between the tough tasks and giant sticks.

In the evening, Jackie brought one more big stick and gave the nest a good inspection before heading out for the night.

We hope you all have a wonderful day!


November 25, 2020 – Another Productive Day

Eagle Update Pictures

Another productive day at the nest, Jackie and Shadow were in and out of the nest, bringing sticks, working, bonding, beaking and relaxing….well, not much relaxing…..

Shadow arrived first surprisingly with no stick, he diddled around, moving sticks, watching for Jackie, move a stick, watch for Jackie….Finally Jackie flew in with another new addition, they both got right to work, it goes here, no over here, it would be better here….(Shadow usually waits until Jackie is not looking and puts it where it really belongs). Shadow off to the lumber yard returns, coming in hot through the back and crash lands into Jackie, even Shadow had his eyes closed! After a some more stick deliveries, Jackie heads out on the front porch for some preening, sunning, relaxing and of course her closeup photo shoot.

Another late afternoon visit, more sticks and teamwork…..this time it was Jackie’s turn, coming in hot from the back with another one of her crazy sticks, despite the fear in Shadow’s eyes, he stood his ground…..though a second later he was knocked off his feet! They worked on this one together and seemed mighty proud of their work…taking time in between all of this work for some sweet nips, beak kisses, a little wiggle wiggle testing out the nest bowl and looking out over the neighborhood. Jackie and Shadow will continue with nestorations, breeding season is right around the corner! Normal egg laying for this nest is January, but Jackie did lay eggs in March one year.

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November 24, 2020 – An Eagles Work Is Never Done

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie has been visiting the nest frequently the past few days, with Shadow often joining, especially for the evening “work and smooch” sessions.

Friday afternoon Jackie came in for a short time to check out the nest bowl fit…she waited a while but when Shadow didn’t show up she left out the back door.

Saturday was apparently their day off to hang out at the lake. Shadow was in first and working hard Sunday evening…until a raven ruckus got his and Jackie’s attention…he headed out the back to join Jackie on the old nest tree and check out the situation.

Then they were both back in the nest for a bit of tangled together work, which always seems to lead to a little beaky bitey. Jackie was especially flirted this visit. Shadow provided the evening entertainment by giving the camera a good inspection and getting a stick stuck on his beak. On their way out the back to the roost tree, they did some great poses on the back porch for their portrait shots.

Yesterday, Jackie arrived before dawn for a little nest-sitting. And then returned for more in the early afternoon. She spent over an hour hanging out in the wind-swirled nest tree.

Shadow arrived first for their evening visit. They worked hard together, and then it was Shadow’s turn to be the flirty one, with lots of back and wing bites to get Jackie’s attention…of course, he played innocent whenever Jackie caught him or the camera saw him. Jackie did one more short nest-bowl sit before they headed out to the roost tree.


November 19, 2020 – Nest Preparation

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have been diligent in continuing their nest work over the past few days–bringing sticks (some the size of small trees!), rearranging furniture, trying out the nest bowl…and of course, always a little kissy kissy.

They both dropped in for a short visit and some nest work after sunset on Sunday…and Shadow seemed to be fascinated about Jackie sitting in the nest bowl. She was back the next evening for some more sitting, and Shadow’s arrival led to a little stick work and a little beaky bitey…and even Shadow tried out that nest bowl sitting thing.

Shadow came first on Tuesday evening, with a nice stick…then Jackie brought in a bigger one…

…But apparently that one wasn’t big enough. She headed out to bring back a stick that would easily classify as a small tree! (She definitely won the giant stick of the day award!)…it was a 2-eagle job to wrestle it into its proper location. After all that work, Jackie took a little break on the back and then the front porch…but Shadow was too busy keeping those unruly sticks in line for any breaks. He continued until after sunset…so Jackie came in to give him some well-earned smooching!…and even a little work assistance.

Yesterday, Jackie was up bringing in sticks before dawn (and looking at the camera to make sure we were all noticing!). But there can’t be any major nest additions without Shadow involved, so he brought such a big stick it got caught on the front porch and tripped him up a bit. They were in and out bringing more sticks all morning…and finally, Jackie again, brought the giant stick of the day…but that wasn’t quite enough, so she brought in a giant more complex monstrosity. ..another 2 eagle job…

…it’s been a busy, but quite successful, few days!


November 15, 2020 – Big Sticks and Bonding Time

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow continued their increased frequency of activities at the nest the past two days…(plus, we’re announcing the release of the JACKIE & SHADOW 2021 CALENDARS–see below!!)

On Friday, both Jackie and Shadow flew in after dusk. Shadow arrived first as usual, to do a little cleaning up around the nest. Jackie joined him within a couple minutes, and maybe it was the darkness, but Jackie was especially lovey dovey and couldn’t seem to keep her beak off of Shadow for more than a couple minutes at a time. And Shadow didn’t seem to be arguing about it. At one point he went to the front porch, but when Jackie laid down in the nest, he rushed back to check on her…and was immediately inundated with kissy beaky action.

Shadow of course did his share of the instigating, but Jackie wouldn’t leave him alone for a second, even biting his cheek and then his tail as he headed out for the night. She tried out the nest bowl for a bit before joining him in the roost tree (and chortling all the way to it.)

Yesterday, Jackie started her visits in the early morning, bringing a big stick…as Spiderman kept running back and forth across the lens and spying on her from his new little lens web.

But apparently that stick didn’t quite do the trick…she left and came back soon with a GIANT stick and for a short time it was unclear who was going to win the battle of where it belonged…Jackie or the stick. But of course, Jackie prevailed.

She returned late morning with another stick…and then watched out over the neighborhood for the nest hour and a half before heading out toward the lake.

In the evening, Jackie landed in a bit of a kerfuffle as the big stick she brought caught on the current nest sticks…but she got the stick properly placed before Shadow arrived. When Jackie went to hang out on the back porch, Shadow immediately went to work on moving that GIANT stick that Jackie had so obviously placed incorrectly in the morning.

She soon returned and sat to try out the nest, which got the kissy kissies started again.

For their evening relaxation, Shadow sat on the front porch, Jack on the back, then Jackie joined Shadow in front when he moved upstairs. She couldn’t resist a little evening chortle…you know, when life is good, you just have to talk about it.

Jackie stayed only a few minutes longer after Shadow headed off to roost, then joined him.

Jackie and Shadow have very generously posed for enough gorgeous photos, that we have assembled them into a beautiful 2021 calendar (thank you, Teri!) and already have them in stock. You can order yours (in time for the holidays) from our website at: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/product/2021-calendars/

Thank you!


November 12, 2020 – Snow Play

Eagle Update Pictures

After waiting through the big weekend snow storm, Jackie and Shadow made 4 long visits to the nest in the last 2 days–on Tuesday, Jackie visited mid-day, then both Jackie and Shadow came in the evening. Yesterday they visited the nest together both mid-day and evening…with lots of stick arranging (I’m pretty sure that every stick not currently bogged down in snow has been moved at least 3 times), kissy-beaky bonding (with Jackie getting ever more playful with each visit), and keeping an eye on the neighborhood (you know, you have to always be keeping an eye on those sneaky ravens, and that pesky squirrel that has been talking up a storm, and those little birds chittering under the nest right next to the microphone.)

Tuesday evening Shadow put in 15 minutes of solid housework before Jackie arrived…and then he bit her wing. They continued doing smooching in between the work or maybe it was work in between the smooching…at one point Shadow was so dedicated to moving every visible stick that he tried to move the little black talon attached to Jackie’s toe…or maybe that was his idea of flirting because she turned it into a smooching session.

Both nights Shadow headed off to roost before Jackie.

Wednesday’s visits continued the intense work and even more intense play. At one point Jackie even did a really quick nest bowl fit and as they brought new sticks in they had a slight crash on the back porch as Shadow seemed to be directing Jackie’s arrival and forgot to get out of the way. Jackie got so aggressive in her evening smooching that she pushed Shadow right to the edge of the nest…then a little more teamwork on those sticks and off to roost for the night.


November 1, 2020 – Jackie 0 – Squirrel 1

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie had a long visit to the nest yesterday morning…starting off with giving that cute little gray squirrel a shock to his little heart by showing up in the middle of his nest inspection–of course, he filed a formal complaint by chattering up a storm at Jackie as she landed. (in case you missed the live event, we posted a video of it here last night).

Jackie, of course, had a serious scan around the nest, wondering who had been brave enough to trespass on her territory…she even seemed to be looking under the camera, just in case anyone was hiding there. At one point, she watched a stellar jay squawk at her from the background, so it could have been that same jay we’ve seen talking to Shadow in the past (that we’re pretty sure has been hired to keep an eye on things at the nest and snitch on anybody that oversteps.)

With that episode settled, Jackie watched around the neighborhood from the nest and then from the front porch. (Both places she seemed to be staring at her feet a lot, so we’re wondering if that squirrel left something behind that sticks to feet…or talons.)

Overall, Jackie was at the nest for 3 whole hours, including time for some nice close-up portraits…a beautiful day, beautiful scenery, beautiful bird. Enjoy!


October 29, 2020 – Testing The Nest

Eagle Update Pictures

The sudden cold weather might have triggered something in our favorite eagle pair…they each spent hours at the nest yesterday just hanging, waiting, sitting.

Mid-morning, one of them gave us a little fly-by…

Soon after, Shadow popped into the nest from the back door…and he spent the next hour and a half watching…and waiting…and waiting…and sitting…and watching…and sitting…and waiting…

…until he had to yell at a raven who was squawking at him from just above the nest.

And then Jackie flew in to help Shadow yell at that raven. And then they both yelled at the raven together. (that raven will think twice about squawking at an eagle next time!)

Having told the raven a thing or two, Jackie and Shadow just hung out there for over 30 minutes, until Jackie hopped into the nest, which kicked off a little lovey dovey stuff, a little nest work, especially on the center nest bowl, and a lot more hanging out.

Just when Shadow looked like he was leaving, Jackie moved a stick, which of course got Shadow all interested again, so he came back in and moved more sticks. With the relief of that task complete, Shadow flew out the front door.

Then Jackie waited…and watched…and sat…and sat (for over an hour!)…and had to do a little yoga after all the sitting. Then she popped out to the front porch where she watched…and waited some more…and gave a little smile for some close-ups…and finally headed out toward the lake after being at the nest for over 4-1/2 hours.

Do you think they might be preparing? We’ll have to watch and see what they decide to do next.


October 20, 2020 – Play Time

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow had a playful little visit to the nest yesterday right before bedtime…surprisingly, they both gave themselves a break and neither one brought a stick this time.

. Shadow arrived first to do his normal tidying up and surveying before Jackie joined him. After she arrived, they shared in the work operations and even developed a new technique…the relay. Shadow moved a stick forward and just as he was laying it down, Jackie took it and moved it further forward–so it could get to exactly the right spot.

. After dark, under the beautiful (and invisible to them) Infrared light, they got all playful and romantic, with Jackie pecking Shadow’s beak several times in a row to get a kissy beak to beak response from him. She must have liked that because she did it again.

Then it was back to work on the sticks…and Shadow got his toes stuck on a stick that wouldn’t leave him alone.

. Then it was Shadow’s turn…he bit Jackie’s wing as she headed to the left back door limb, and got her to snap back at him…and then again after he bit her tail…

…and as usual, he couldn’t resist getting the last word in with a final snip snip at her tail as she headed out the back door. He headed out right after her and off to the roost tree.


October 12, 2020 – A Loverly Visit

Eagle Update Pictures

A ‘Loverly’ Visit …

Yesterday evening Shadow arrived at the nest first, as usual, to do a little bit of surveillance and housekeeping before Jackie arrived.

She arrived by a whole new entrance this time–landing first on the lower right limbs and then making a teetering debut from the upstairs front door limb. She soon came in and supervised Shadow’s nest arrangements, but very quickly things got a little beaky bitey and lovey dovey.

That calmed down for a minute, but Shadow couldn’t resist a little nibble on her wing, which started up the kissy beaky activities again…then Shadow went back to his normal post-kissing routine–a little nest housekeeping.

They shared in the neighborhood observation duties, but again could not stay away from a little more kissy connections. And as Jackie headed to the left limb door to leave, Shadow couldn’t stop himself from a little bite on her tail feathers…and then an “oops, I’ve done it now” look as she responded.

Soon after Jackie left, Shadow headed out Jackie’s new upstairs front limb entrance–he circled around out toward the lake before zipping past again toward the roost tree.


October 5, 2020 – Another Quick Visit

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow and Jackie both stopped by the nest again yesterday evening to give all of their fans a little more of their sweet show–(they are apparently luring us back in slowly to our addictive watching of the Jackie and Shadow show!)
As usual, Shadow was the first to arrive and of course he came carrying his standard big stick as his gift to the ever-growing nest.
…and while he was there, this time it was TWO Steller’s Jays that came to visit him (now I’m sure they must be his neighborhood spies reporting in to him about something!) (See if you can find them both in photo #5, where Shadow pretends not to notice them.)
A little while later, Jackie arrived with her own big stick contribution to the nest…and it took both of them diligently working together to get that stick in just the proper place. In the end, Jackie had to take over the placement while Shadow did the supervising…
…then Jackie took over the supervising while Shadow moved other sticks that had so obviously gotten out of their proper positions…
…and tonight was Jackie’s turn to be the stinker…she bit Shadow in the behind to get his attention for a little kissy kissy. Then, as always, went back to looking all innocent about it as they continued working…but then she bit his wing as he turned around to pick up another stick!
He got her back, though…as she headed toward the back door on the left, he bit her in the back end…making her spin around, while it was his turn to play innocent.
Shadow moved a few more sticks around after Jackie flew from the back door…then he exited the same way, both flying toward the nearby roost tree.
Jackie and Shadow (and I) would like to thank everyone that has donated to our “Defend Jackie & Shadow’s Habitat” Fundraiser…raising funds for the legal actions working to stop the nearby (Moon Camp) development that threatens their foraging habitat and environmental neighborhood. We still have a ways to go on raising sufficient funds–we are at $21,800 with a goal of $80,000. You can check it all out, keep an eye on the funds received gage and donate on this website page:

Thank you to all of you for your continued support of FOBBV, our cam and especially of our favorite bald eagles!

October 4, 2020 – They Are Back

Eagle Update Pictures

They’re back!!!
Shadow and Jackie both stopped by the nest this evening and spent time there together–with a little kissy kissy and a little Shadow mischief–before heading off to the roost tree.
Shadow came in first with one of his giant sticks. He checked out the neighborhood for a while before making sure to place that stick and a couple others in just the right locations.
While he was looking around a very brave Stellar Jay came in and sat on the limb behind Shadow…(maybe the jay came to report on the latest activities of people in the nest while the eagles were not at home…)
Jackie soon joined Shadow, hip-hopping into the nest…apparently forgetting to press the brakes soon enough for her landing. Shadow kept working on his sticks in the background while Jackie seemed to be checking out the new camera location–but then she went right back to her nest work…
…and very soon there was a little kissy beaky going on.
As Jackie headed out to the front limb, Shadow put on his ‘little stinker’ operations of biting Jackie and then playing innocent when she turned around to check–he bit her tail and wing feathers 5 different times (!), even catching one of a tail feather and refusing to let go until she pulled away.
After spending time watching from the front porch, Jackie flew up to the front observation limb to check things out before flying off toward the roost tree…and Shadow did the same before heading out to join her.
It’s great to have such a lovely visit from them after not getting to see them for so long!
ps. Some notes–there is a large board now tied to the tree limb (that you can see sometimes when we pan the camera around). This board is how the camera was raised to be above all the sticks that Shadow and Jackie have added to the nest in the past few years. It is firmly mounted with straps so as to keep it stable with no harm to the tree. It is left unpainted because as plain wood, it is just like the rest of the tree even if it appears different to us. Paint would have added dangerous chemicals to the nest.

October 1, 2020 – Teamwork

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have done a few ‘fly-by’s of the nest in the past couple days–so they are definitely still around the nest area. We can hardly wait to get back to seeing them playing kissy beaky in their penthouse nest like the last time they were on camera. –Maybe you can spot the white and black beauty whizzing by the nest in the upper center of the 2nd photo to at least have a glimpse. This past weekend while we were working on the nest camera, Jackie flew in to sit nearby and chortle loudly every few minutes, demanding to know exactly what we were doing around her nest.

The Great Repair Story…

…..For anyone who might not realize it, this nest camera is run and streamed by an off-grid, solar-powered, complex system in a harsh outdoor environment. After 7 full weeks of not getting to see our favorite pair, it is great to have the camera up once again–the live stream is on our website:


Jackie & Shadow, Friends of Big Bear Valley and I would like to say HUGE THANK YOU’s to all of the people involved in getting the camera system repaired and back in operation! Our team has been working full out for nearly 2 months to bring this complex system back online–Immense thank you’s to: Jim Applebury, Mike Bode, Cindy Bode, Dr. Peter Sharpe, Nate Melling, Chris Alexander, Teri Ashmore, Robin Eliason, Shelley Egan, JJ Strano, Silky Sue, Dennis Dawson and the U.S. Forest Service. (and extra thank you to each of them for their flexibility and cooperation in changing schedules many times to be able to get everyone needed at the site when equipment was delivered, when we received permission to work, etc.)

The other photos below are: #3-part of the onsite team during climbing weekend: Chris Alexander, Jim Applebury, Nate Melling, Dr. Peter Sharpe; 4-Nate climbing; 5-Nate in the nest working on the camera; 6-Chris and Pete preparing to climb; 7-Chris climbing; 8-Cindy Bode, Sandy Steers and Mike Bode testing equipment; 9-Cindy and Mike with JJ’s key assistant, Silky Sue; 10-Teri Ashmore assisting onsite; 11-Silky Sue and JJ Strano; 12-a woolly friend who came to keep us company while we were working onsite.

Here is a summary of what it took…

(for those who might be asking–yes, we cleaned the lens, yes, the camera has been raised for a view above Shadow’s sticks. We also discovered the nest is 145 feet high in that beautiful tree rather than the previously estimated 120 feet!)

–replaced and upgraded the switch that burned out, starting this whole process–the switch connects and coordinates communications between all the devices (solar, batteries, camera, antennas, etc).

–relocated, raised and remounted the antenna at the equipment site (the 2 antennas transfer the signal between the system equipment that picks up the nest cam feed and the station where the signal is fed to the internet) because trees have grown into their direct line of sight line path of communication lowering the connection quality.

–replaced all the cables, conduit and connectors between the antenna and the switch and for the antenna at the station

–nighttime missions to the equipment to be able to “sight” the station (7/10 mile from the equipment) from the equipment antenna through a spotting scope via bright lights flashing off and on at the station

–relocated and remounted the antenna at the station (and with permission of the tree, removed one tree branch that was blocking the communications)

–replaced the switch again after the 2nd one burned out (due to shorts we were unaware of at that time)

–climbed up and down the cliffside along the full length of cable to find enough slack in the cables to be able to replace connectors

–replaced/rewired network cable connectors to assure solid communications

–communicated and spoke with 9 different climbers with expertise in biological tree-climbing and camera systems, rearranging schedules and travel plans from as far away as Nevada and Oregon.

–placed multiple next day shipping orders and trips to both local and down the hill hardware suppliers for new equipment including antennas, switches (3 times), mounting assemblies, 500 feet of network cable, power cables and flexible conduit, stand by camera, mic and IR system…and more

–restrung a few hundred feet of new conduit, new network cable and new power cables down cliffsides, across boulders, under fallen tree trunks, through large areas of brambly sticker bushes and up the tree (pulling cables through conduit is much more complex than it sounds)

–strung the climbing rope up over the upper limb for the climbers to pulls themselves up with(also a lot more complex than it sounds since the nest is 145 feet up in the tree!)

–climbed (2 climbers) to pull up and check the conduit and new network and power cables for measuring and planning the final layout

–brought camera down for testing, etc (which you may have seen on youtube)

–cleaned lens dome so the videos will be clearer!

–strung a 2nd climbing rope from a different limb in the tree for support to bring conduit and cables up

–climbed the tree (2 climbers) to reinstall the camera, mic and IR (infrared lighting) system with new network and power cables

–pulled conduit and cables up the tree and fastened them securely (in ways that would not harm the tree) along the full height of the tree

–installed board and straps to raise the height of the camera above the 10-12 inches of new sticks that have been added to the nest in 2 years by Jackie and Shadow

–found alternative offline power sources to test the camera view during installation while the switch was still not functioning

–tested and realigned the camera through various positions for the best views of every key camera position

–rebooted, downloaded, reinstalled various versions of firmware into the various electronic devices being used throughout the system (firmware getting corrupted turned out to be a big issue throughout the repair operations)

–got special exemption to enter the closed forest so we could get these repairs done before Jackie and Shadow’s nesting season

…and many more operations…

Thank you to all of you for your patience, your support and your donations to make this all possible!!


September 25, 2020 – Live Cam & Fundraiser Update

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow and Jackie are demanding some answers about what’s going on with the repairs on their nest camera…so, probably all of you would also like to know the status.

…..We had things set up for repairs to take place last week but then forest fires in Southern California, including one right over the ridge from Big Bear Valley, got much worse and the local national forest was closed to everyone. Since the nest tree is on National Forest land, we could not enter to do the work. That nearby fire was close enough that for a few days it looked like the whole valley might be ordered to evacuate…but thanks to our amazing firefighters, and a little help from the weather (the winds slowed and temperatures cooled), the fire is much more controlled now.

…..Things can begin moving forward again for our planning and we hope to have some good news about it in the next few days.

Thank you all for your patience!! We miss seeing Jackie and Shadow as much as you do. Please hang in there a bit longer.

***And thank you very much to all of you who have contributed to our “Defend Jackie & Shadow’s Habitat/Neighborhood” fundraiser. (We noticed that sometimes I’ve called it ‘habitat’ and sometimes ‘neighborhood’–oops! It’s all the same fundraiser.) Our legal challenge to the development that would greatly impact the eagles has been filed and is progressing forward. Donations are coming in and we will have updates on the website soon. Remember that you still get special gifts for your donations: a special Jackie & Shadow certificate for over $50, plus a J&S refrigerator magnet for over $100, and for over $250, those two great gifts plus the beautiful Jackie and Shadow photo.

Huge thank you to everyone for your patience and continued support!!


September 11, 2020 – Live Stream/Chat

Eagle Update Pictures

The live stream and chat on our YouTube channel stopped working today. FOBBV did nothing to cause this, we are assuming at this time it is an action YouTube took. FOBBV is moving forward with the cam repairs detailed previously. We are working on getting this resolved and will update you as we have more information.

September 10, 2020 – Jackie & Shadow Fundraiser – Cam Update

Eagle Update Pictures

JACKIE and SHADOW would like to announce a few updates…


We now have some options for qualified biological, technical, expert climbers to help with our nest cam repairs, so that is moving forward–we’ll keep you posted with more details as we have them. (According to Shadow, Jackie sent out the word across the animal kingdom that people better start stepping up or they’d have to answer to her…so if anyone noticed their dog or cat, or local chipmunk acting a little anxious lately, they were probably spreading the word as directed.)


As most of you know, at the end of July, the County of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors approved the development of the Moon Camp housing project (50 homes and huge marina) less than a mile from Jackie and Shadow’s nest, in their foraging area (within view of the nest cam), in spite of stated “significant detrimental impacts to bald eagles” that cannot be mitigated, along with inadequate and faulty environmental analysis, immense community input against the project (thank you to all of you for that!!) and increased danger to the public and community.

…….In response to this action, Friends of Big Bear Valley, along with partners the Center for Biological Diversity and the San Bernardino Valley Audubon Society filed a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) complaint in court on August 28–see press announcement below. (For anyone who does not know, CEQA law establishes that when the public (us) has used all available means to bring noncompliance with environmental law to an agency’s attention (which we have done) the only remaining way for the public to enforce these laws is through the court system.)


As you might guess, this legal action we must do to enforce our environmental laws to protect the eagles, the endangered plants and the community (re: fire, evacuation, traffic and more) is costly. We are raising funds for this effort from now through October 20. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!! Our Board has put up $10,000 in MATCHING FUNDS to assist with the fundraising!

Our fundraising goal is $75,000. We will have a donation tracker up on the website soon, so you can check in to see how we’re doing.

Right now the best way you can help support Jackie and Shadow, the nest camera and FOBBV is by assisting us to raise funds, so please help spread the word.

Special Gifts–We are also offering special gifts–for donations of $50, a special Thank you certificate from Jackie & Shadow; for $100, a certificate plus a Jackie & Shadow refrigerator magnet; and for $250 or more, a certificate, a J&S magnet PLUS a beautiful printed photo of Jackie and Shadow (see sample below)

Please DONATE on our website: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/donate/

(If you would like your gifts…please include your mailing address so we can send them to you!)

or SEND CHECKS to: Friends of Big Bear Valley, P.O. Box 422, Fawnskin, CA 92333. (As a 501(3)c nonprofit organization, donations to FOBBV are tax-deductible.)

Huge THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support!!


September 3, 2020 – Camera Repair Update

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow, just like the rest of us, would like to get back to normal with the camera working, so we can watch their activities and continue learning about their lives. We’re sorry the camera system has been down for so long! We have been and continue working as hard as we can to get it back up as soon as possible. We discovered a few equipment malfunctions that we’ve fixed –the antennas were no longer communicating with each other, partially because trees have grown into the pathway (and the antennas have to direct ‘line of sight’ connection) and partially because the antennas and connectors on them were not functioning adequately…so now we have new, more powerful antennas and each has been placed in a slightly different location that allows them to connect more clearly with each other to communicate the signals. –After we got the antennas communicating, the switch box, that connects and coordinates the equipment communications, burned out…so now we also have a new, upgraded switch that is working well. –But with the new switch (which includes diagnostic capabilities), we discovered that the cable that runs to the camera itself has some degradation that is keeping it from communicating back to the system. We have new cable ready and we have additional equipment ordered so we will have anything that might need repair already on hand. We are focused now on hiring a technically savvy, experienced tree-climber, to install the new cable and any other equipment needed (plus move the camera a bit higher as per our original plan), but the biological tree-climbers are all pretty busy at this time of year, so we are still working details of that out–trying to fit our repairs into their schedules. (While we continue working out those schedules, if any of you know or have connection to someone who fits those qualifications–please contact us at sandy@friendsofbigbearvalley.org ) A few times when we were working on the equipment in the area of the nest, we saw and heard our eagles… so be assured that Jackie and Shadow are still around…and wondering why we haven’t fixed their live broadcast yet. Thank you all very much for your patience and continued support! We will keep working diligently to allow all of us to get back to watching our favorite couple.


August 28, 2020 – Cam repair still in process

Eagle Update Pictures

The repairs to the eagle cam are still in process. Hopefully the cam will be back up soon so please keep checking back for the live stream. Thank you!

August 10, 2020 – Long Awaited Visit + Moon Camp Update

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday evening, Shadow and Jackie both dropped in for a little working visit to the nest. After a bit of general surveying, there was…a slew of stick rearranging…some solid ‘hanging out on the back porch’ time…and a few adorable kissy beaky moments.

.. (–for Updates on the proposed development project.. that could impact the eagles, see bottom of post–)

Shadow arrived first, because obviously there was a major stick overhaul needed before anything was ready for Jackie’s inspection. As everyone knows, Shadow is always up for stick work…and he undertook his job with his usual enthusiasm and dedication. When Jackie arrived, she pitched right in on the furniture rearrangements in process….and then all that hard work most certainly deserved some very kissy-kissy thank you’s from both sides. Shadow still had sticks to get back under control, so Jackie left that to him while she hung out on the back porch keeping an eye on the progress. Even when she flew off to the roost tree, Shadow was not quite satisfied and stayed to complete his finishing touches…then he was away, out the back door, to join Jackie on the roost tree for the night.

~~~Proposed Development UPDATE:

For anyone who has not heard, there is a development project proposed less than 1 mile from this bald eagle nest that environmental review concluded would have ‘significant detrimental impacts to the bald eagles’. Even after receiving hundreds of letters asking that the project be denied (thank you to all of you!), and against large amounts of scientific evidence regarding public safety concerns, endangered species destruction and much more, the County Board of Supervisors approved the project.

…But, that is not the end of the story…

After carefully reviewing the situation, Friends of Big Bear Valley, along with other interested organizations, plans to pursue every possible legal remedy available to us to get this wrong decision reversed. We must act quickly (there are short legal time limits) and to do this, we urgently need your financial support to make this happen…

…So, our

“Defend Jackie & Shadow’s Neighborhood” Fundraiser for environmental habitat preservation begins immediately! Our fundraising goal is $64,000. We currently have $8,800 in matching funds being offered and are working on more. We are offering special gifts for different levels of donations. All the details will be in our upcoming newsletter and on our website in the next few days.

Please help us support Jackie and Shadow and their neighborhood. Thank you!!


(For anyone wondering, the funds for upgrading the eagle cam equipment and moving the camera higher so it doesn’t get buried by sticks are separate funds and that project is fully funded and currently in process.)

July 29, 2020 – The Long Long Visit

Eagle Update Pictures

Both Jackie and Shadow spent a long time at the nest yesterday…in the middle of the afternoon! Shadow came in first, bringing a big stick with him, and of course, there was lots of nest-tidying to do. Maybe he’s been meditating or something, but for a change, he allowed himself to just hang around the nest for a full 10 minutes doing nothing…then Jackie arrived……and Shadow went immediately back to his stick arranging work. Jackie started pitching in right away and even threw Shadow a few kissy kissies. Then she headed out to her favorite front perching limb. Shadow sat on the front of the nest, just hanging with Jackie for almost 90 minutes… …blocking the camera view of her for most of that time… …absolutely unintentionally of course (according to him!).Jackie stayed on her front view long after Shadow left…she was at the nest in total for almost 4 hours!Later in the evening, Jackie and Shadow each flew in to spend the night on the roost tree.


–Regarding our camera move…thank you to everyone who donated to make it possible! We were delayed a bit–the people we’ve used before to climb the tree are not available, but we’re moving forward on finding the right person and scheduling the move in late summer.

–Regarding the proposed development that would impact the eagles, Moon Camp, the County Board of Supervisors approved the project yesterday following the public hearing. First, that doesn’t mean this is the end of this. There are other steps we can take. We’ll get back to you soon with how we will be moving forward. And in the meantime, HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of you that has written letters, came to speak at the hearing, made calls to the county and other agencies. You are all awesome!!


July 18, 2020 – URGENT HELP NEEDED

Eagle Update Pictures


~~Jackie and Shadow Need Your Help~~

Their shoreline habitat and nesting neighborhood could be destroyed to the point that they abandon their nest and leave the area.

The Moon Camp proposed project is back on the agenda.

A proposal for:

-50 luxury house sites

-new roads

-huge private marina in eagle foraging area

-large marina parking area

…only ½ mile from their nest could eliminate the possibility of them continuing to nest here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO? Every voice counts!

—Write comment letters to the Board of Supervisors immediately

—ASAP ask the County to delay this hearing until it is safer to attend a large meeting

—Speak at the public hearing on July 28

—Share the news with family, friends and social media

For more details please visit our website https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/environmental-watch/action-needed/

Even the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) states that the current project plan would have SIGNIFICANT DETRIMENTAL IMPACTS on bald eagles (a California Endangered Species) that cannot be mitigated or lessened. And that analysis was done before 2010—BEFORE any bald eagles stayed year-round and nested in our valley. So, the impacts now would be MUCH more significant than they are still currently reporting.

. In spite of all that, San Bernardino County Planning is recommending project approval. The decision will be made by the County Board of Supervisors at a public hearing, currently set for July 28.

. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me at sandy@friendsofbigbearvalley.org



July 9, 2020 – Summer Vacation

Eagle Update Pictures

It appears Jackie and Shadow have started their summer vacation. They are still in their habitat area, but not visiting the nest as often as we are used to or would like them to. They generally stop by the nest once or twice a week to add a stick or two, do a little housekeeping and let us know they are doing great! Since we have also located one of their favorite roost trees, sometimes we get to peek in on them settling in for the night when the camera pans. 

The eagles do not really have a need to be in the nest at this time, there are no eaglets to be fed and it is too early to prepare for next nesting season. They will start working on the nest more regularly in late September or early October. The normal timeframe for laying eggs in this region is January, though Jackie has surprised us once before and laid later in the season. 

You can find more updates on the eagles and the Big Bear Valley on our Facebook page at the link below. This is a public page so having a Facebook account is not necessary.


June 12, 2020 – Unruly Sticks

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday was another beautiful day at the nest, though a little on the windy side. It is always a great day when Jackie and Shadow pop in for a little nest visit! Shadow came in first with more decor for the nest, he sure worked hard with that one unruly stick that kept popping up when he stepped on it. Apparently he thought he had it under control then BOINK, it popped up again! He worked all around the nest, moving sticks, breaking some apart that wouldn’t cooperate all the while keeping an eye out for his sweetheart.
By the look on his face, Jackie must have snuck up on him, he looked a little surprised and maybe a bit scared as she came in hot with her own contribution! They both worked together, moving sticks, fluffing fluff and even worked in a couple of kissy kissy moments. Jackie didn’t stay long before she headed out the back door to the roost tree. It sure looked like it took all the self control Shadow could muster up to not grab onto her tail feathers as she passed him by!
Shadow stayed at the nest to put in a little overtime before he headed out the back to join Jackie for the night.
As an extra bonus, this morning the camera operator was up extra early to catch Jackie (?) waking up in the roost tree. Shadow was there as well, we got to see them both fly off for another adventurous day….

June 7, 2020 – More Nestorations

Eagle Update Pictures

The cool, foggy weather yesterday must have been very inviting–Jackie and Shadow had two long visits to the nest, with Shadow having lots of fun both times.
Jackie was first to arrive in the early morning. She kept an eye out in all directions, apparently for good reason…within a couple minutes, Shadow came crashing into her from the left. He looked sheepish and bit her on the neck to make up for it…which she ignored. So, he bit her in the leg…and then went right to work as if nothing happened.
…In the midst of his work, he stopped to help her with a stick–because, you know, the guy always knows that he knows how to do these things better… this time it got him a little thank you peck on the beak.
Jackie hopped up to hang out on the left limb…Shadow joined her for a while…but had to go fetch another stick…then catch up on lots of work. Finally she came down to help him…with a bit of teamwork…and some more of those kissies.
He worked especially hard after that while Jackie watched and then went out to the front porch.
For the evening visit, Shadow arrived first, with a nice stick. He worked hard before Jackie flew in…and even harder with her watching…and he even sneaked in a little peck on the cheek…
…but when she tried to leave…ho ho ho…the mischievous Shadow came out to play. He bit her on the wing…and she snapped back…so he did it again…another snap back…and again…and apparently feeling especially rowdy, he did it a 4th time!…then back to work, all innocent like.
When she tried to leave out the left side, he bit her wing again…then her neck, which finally got him some kissy bities back. This time she sneaked out the left as soon as he went back to work…and he joined her a bit later at the roost tree, ready for some sleep after all his mischief.

May 28, 2020 – Teamwork

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday Shadow finally convinced his lovely Jackie to visit the nest with him before day’s end.
He came zipping in first with his stick and then straightened the nest out a bit to have everything just right…
…Jackie was close behind bringing a big stick that took a lot of coordinated teamwork to place properly…
…well, and then you know how things get after you work on a nice project together…a little nippy thank you…a bigger bitey you’re welcome…then everything quickly turns into kissy kissy bitey beaky.
Dedicated Shadow went right back to work…while Jackie kept watching him, and then helping with the work…until she had the chance for some little nips that steered things back to the kissy kissy stuff.
Jackie played innocent by straightening the grass in the nest bowl…so now it was Shadow who tried sneaking in some head nips–but the camera caught the action right between his legs…and then off the adorable pair went again into the beaky bities and necky nuzzlies.
After all that, Jackie left first toward the roost tree. Shadow followed soon…but only after a couple of last minute stick adjustments…of course.

May 19, 2020 – Exciting News

Eagle Update Pictures

Hello everyone, we have some exciting news for you. In the wake of the Big Bear Valley Eagles-Official Group archiving their page, we decided you needed a place to post your screen captures, videos, pictures and questions! We have created a new interactive FOBBV “sister” Facebook group for you, FOBBV Bald Eagle Group. You will need to request membership, answer 3 questions and agree to the group rules. This will be a place to express yourself, learn and interact with other eagle lovers. We have a files section with interesting facts about our bald eagles, their environment and other wildlife and bald eagle information in general. Being a new group, it is a work in progress and we would love to hear any suggestions you may have. We hope you enjoy the new group, see you there!

* Please note, the current Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam page will remain the same with the wonderful pictures and updates you love to see!
*Please make sure you answer all 3 questions and click on the box that you read and agree to all of the group rules before you click the submit button. These steps area required before your membership can be approved.

May 11, 2020 – Spring Fundraiser

Eagle Update Pictures

This year to kick off our spring fundraiser, we’ve opened up Bald Eagle Adoptions for Jackie, Shadow, Simba (last season’s chick) and Stormy (chick from 2018 nesting season)…with 5 adoption options available (shown below).
With every adoption donation, you receive a special adoption certificate, with your name or the name of someone you designate if you are giving this as a gift.
Check them out at: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/…/bald-eagle-adoption-c…/

All the sticks Jackie and Shadow have brought to the nest over the past few months, have been getting closer and closer to the camera and could soon cover the camera lens! We expect them to continue their building process, so it means we will need to move the camera higher on the limb to keep it from being blocked. The camera system also needs some other restructuring maintenance.
Since Jackie and Shadow seem to be moving into their new summer schedule of only visiting the nest a few times a week, we can now make plans for system renovations… …which fits right into our SPRING FUNDRAISER. Donating to FOBBV as a whole will assist us not only to pay for this eagle nest live stream project, but will support our projects that protect the eagles’ habitat and surrounding environment and will assist to keep our nonprofit operating so we can continue all of this important work. Please mark your donation “Spring Fundraiser” in the ‘add a note’ or ‘order notes’ field so we can thank you properly! 

Donate here:

Join here:

Shop here:

Thank you! We very much appreciate for your continued support!!

April 30, 2020 – Eagles Eagle Eagles…..

Eagle Update Pictures

Today I decided to grab the camera and go take a couple of spins around the lake looking for Jackie and or Shadow. Evidently they were having some private time deep in the forest, as there were no sightings of them. I did however spot four different immature bald eagles of which I was able to photograph three. One has an unidentifiable band on the right leg, it looks to be orange. Two others had blue bands, one was identified as V33, Blue from Arizona. The two with blue bands were hanging out at the east end of the lake. The fourth was a very young, 1st year eagle with no bands. The one with the orange band and the one with no bands were both spotted on the edges of Jackie and Shadows habitat. Such wonderful news to see so many bald eagles in the Big Bear area!!

April 28, 2020 – Enjoying the view…

Eagle Update Pictures

Apparently with all the nice weather, Jackie and Shadow are spending their days at the lake shore and checking in on the nest in the evenings.
Jackie arrived first and seemed to be just waiting around for something…Shadow arrived with a fat stick delivery 2 minutes later…
…he dropped his stick and rushed past Jackie to dive straight into important nest work…so, Jackie headed out to her front porch while he kept working.
After all of his hard work, he allowed himself to relax with Jackie for a whole 5 minutes before heading off toward the lake for further adventures.
Jackie stayed in her favorite spot on the front porch for over an hour more–allowing us to get some nice close-ups…then she headed out the left side door, but stopped on the way just long enough for another portrait.
Shadow had more work to finish before roost time…stick delivery, rearranging, nest fluffing…and posing for a few of his own portrait shots…then out the left side door like Jackie.

April 24, 2020 – A fish story….

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday’s activities turned out to be all about a fish…
Jackie and Shadow took the day off from nest work until Shadow arrived in the late afternoon with dinner–a fish, a GIANT fish. (Keeping in mind that male bald eagles have a wingspan of about 6-1/2 feet (1.9 meters) and stand about 35 inches tall (yes, that means almost 3 feet or .9 meters), take a look at the size of that fish in comparison!)
…Jackie was on her way into the nest exactly 30 seconds after Shadow touched down…and she was so busy latching onto that fish that Shadow just stayed out of her way. He went back to work while she ate in the background.
She did come up for air once…with a seemingly appreciative look at him…
…but a while later, when Shadow noticed that she had stopped eating (probably because her crop was so full it might explode if she took another bite)…that’s when the fun started…
…he dared to go over and latch onto the leftovers right under Jackie’s nose…
…she showed her disapproval by taking hold of the other end of what was obviously HER dinner…
…but Shadow insisted…by using his ‘I’ll control this’ foot action…
…Jackie looked away as if she was going to let him have it…
…but, ha, no chance…as soon as he picked it up, she grabbed it again…
…and an actual tug-of-war ensued!
Shadow did finally get the leftovers. And took it to the other side of the nest to finish…Jackie was probably too heavy and lethargic from eating so much to bother going after it…so she went out on the front porch for a nice after-dinner sit.
Shadow, of course, went back to work, but he also got in a little sitting time before leaving for the day…
…Jackie was apparently too heavy to take off from the front porch until over 2 hours later.
And that’s your fish story for the day.

April 19, 2020 – Hard work and a late night visitor.

Eagle Update Pictures

Apparently Jackie agreed to be the entertainer of the day yesterday to give Shadow a little respite.
On her first visit, she won the “longest stick prize” for the season–the stick was even longer than her wingspan, so over 7 feet! Getting it into its proper place took quite a bit of maneuvering., but she managed it beautifully.
Her next stick didn’t quite match that record, but was big enough to bash into the nest tree’s side limbs.
When Shadow brought a big stick, Jackie watched him start to place it, then grabbed it away, nearly bowling him over in the process and scrunched him under her as she put it in its proper place.
To top all that off, she got wrapped up and tangled in the next big stick she brought, which got further complicated when Shadow landed and she had to untangle from both him and that stick…bringing her to be the obvious choice for “entertainer of the day”…all before 9:30 am.
In between, Shadow brought grass, brought sticks, worked hard, stood for long periods enjoying the view…and in the afternoon, brought more grass and more sticks.
They both came back in the evening for a little more work…and threw in some beautiful teamwork in the process.
They didn’t call it a night until after dark.
And then a new visitor…within 2 minutes of Jackie leaving, a great horned owl landed on the right side of the nest and did a thorough search around before flying off. These and other owls hunt flying squirrels, so it’s not surprising that one would show up to look around a big nest where squirrels could be hiding.

April 16, 2020 – Bonding Time

Eagle Update Pictures

It was such a beautiful, sunny day yesterday that apparently Jackie and Shadow decided to have a little time off. They did each come to the nest to bring a stick and check things out in the morning…but then they were off at the lake shore or somewhere all day until after dark.
As usual, Shadow was first in. He only hung around for a few minutes before leaving…then Jackie did the same before heading out the left side door.
After dark they had a nice little rendezvous at the nest to get in a bit of furniture arranging done before bed…well, and shhh!…also a little smoocheroonies and some obligatory tail biting. That only looks like a smile on Shadow’s beak afterwards.
For everyone asking, we do not know and have no way to tell other than by watching them, whether they might have another clutch of eggs at this point. It is late in their nesting season and after all the time they spent incubating the eggs that didn’t hatch, it would be very unlikely according to eagle nesting statistics…but then those stats also say that eagles usually mate for life and Jackie decided not to listen to that one. Jackie and Shadow will have to speak for themselves by their actions. And the reason we installed the camera is so all of us can watch as the story unfolds.


April 13, 2020 – Nest Building 101

Eagle Update Pictures

First thing yesterday, Shadow brought a fish for breakfast–he laid it aside a couple times like he was planning to leave it for Jackie, but ended up eating the whole thing…
…then immediately set to work on arranging grass, even having to put his foot on it to keep it from misbehaving before moving on to the sticks.
Jackie didn’t arrive until mid-morning with a foot-load of grass. Shadow soon joined her to help keep all that grass in proper order…
The arrangement seemed to be that Shadow control the grass and sticks while Jackie kept guard to make sure no one came to steal their nest materials…
…and all that guarding of course deserved a little kissy kissy thank you…well, then and so did the stick arranging deserve some acknowledgement in return.
Shadow was back by early afternoon, bringing more sticks. He also spent a lot of time throughout the day just hanging out in some of his favorite places around the nest.
Even though she took the afternoon off, Jackie was back working in the evening…and Shadow of course was quick to jump in to help, even trying out the nest bowl fit longer than usual…in two different positions.
Jackie rejoined him from the left limb for a little reconnecting before roost time…and Shadow couldn’t resist a tiny wing nibble as she headed out. They both called it an early night.

April 12, 2020 – A Visitor

Eagle Update Pictures

During the span of yesterday, the nest went from looking like a big pile of snow in the top of a tree back to being an intricately built bald eagle nest…
And the day was filled with lots of exciting events…both a coot and a fish delivered for brunch…a visit from a young eagle…a flurry of stick and grass deliveries and nest reconstruction.
For a change, Jackie seemed even more excited about the nest construction than Shadow…all the way to the point of getting a little tangled in her work on the big sticks…and with the sticks she and Shadow worked on together. Apparently she’s been doing most of her shopping at the “giant complex stick” store.
Shadow brought a half-eaten coot for Jackie for breakfast, and of course, had to tell her the whole story about it…he went back to work while she ate, but then decided he wanted another bite or two…but Jackie gave her opinion about that…so he went shopping in the lake and brought back a fish for himself…and he even did some chin-ups on the limb he could now reach because of the thick snow blanket.
Mid-day, Shadow had a little lay-down to try out the nest bowl…and in the evening, Jackie did the same.
In the afternoon, Shadow is the one who came to defend the nest against the young eagle, but the banded eagle landed right on the upper branches of the nest tree and after some yelling and watching, Shadow decided just to leave him there–no we do not know if it was any of the chicks from this nest since the band could not be read or even identified by color. (Stormy and Simba both have purple bands–numbered JR1 for Stormy, ZR1 for Simba). The youngster left about half an hour after arriving and showed off his whitish underbelly.
In the evening, Jackie hung out on the front porch for a long time…even giving us time for some close-ups…
…but then there was more sticks to bring and work to do and the nest bowl to try out…

April 9, 2020 – First in the snow

Eagle Update Pictures

Shadow was in early, breaking ground in the snow, but Jackie followed soon after with her own big stick.
Shadow pulled giant sticks from under the snow…
…Jackie had a battle with a big stick that had her surrounded…
…Shadow had to move all the sticks again because that snowy background made it so blatantly obvious when they were out of place…
…Jackie had a little sit-down in the nest bowl covered in deep snow…
…and they left everything looking much more like a nest.
And it’s not even 9 am yet….Sandy

April 8, 2020 – camera is back up

Eagle Update Pictures

It’s back up!!
We appealed YouTube’s decision.
Here’s a screenshot so everyone feels better.
Thank you for your incredible support!
Shadow and Jackie will be glad to hear they are back on the live screen.

April 8, 2020 – youtube took down channel

Hi everyone,
yes, we have seen that YouTube says they dropped our channel for violating terms of service. I assure you we have not violated any terms of service — we assume that it has to do with their ‘bots’ accidentally deleting our channel because they have bots making these decisions now instead of people
( message on YouTube: “Due to COVID-19, we will conduct fewer human reviews to protect the health of our extended workforce. Unfortunately, as a result we may remove content that does not violate our community guidelines.” )
It is also possible that someone complained about a copyright violation–if so, that is erroneous since we, Friends of Big Bear Valley, own the copyright of this live stream video.
We are working on figuring out what we need to do to get it fixed and we’ll keep you posted.

March 15, 2020 – Jackie and Shadow say goodbye

Eagle Update Pictures

After the eggs had been unattended throughout the night a coupe of times and various amounts of times during the day, the ravens came to the nest this morning, cracked open the eggs and ate them. From what we could see, the eggs were undeveloped and may not have been fertilized from the beginning. 

Jackie and Shadow both visited the nest individually this morning. They both looked down at their broken eggs, it was a sad moment for the viewers and I’m sure for them as well. Later in the afternoon, Jackie came to the nest with some soft nest materials, picked up one of the empty shells and flew away. Shadow came in right behind her, picked up the nesting material and placed it over the other shell in the nest and he flew away as well. Neither of them returned to the nest, but their chortles were heard later in the distance. 

Many have asked if they will lay more eggs this season. A second clutch is rare, and after the long incubation period they’ve had, maybe even more rare. That being said, this is nature and anything can happen. We can only sit back, observe and see what happens next. 

March 14, 2020 – Jackie and Shadow move on….?

Eagle Update Pictures

After the U.S. Forest Service announced in February that Jackie and Shadow’s eggs were not viable, we have all be watching and wondering what will happen next. Normally bald eagles would start leaving the eggs unattended for longer and longer periods of time. Jackie and Shadow did at times leave the eggs unattended over the past few weeks, but not for the long periods of time we expected. Their devotion to their eggs is inspirational as they continued to incubate through harsh weather conditions and didn’t give up. 

On the evening of March 13th, Shadow was incubating the eggs, the weather was cold, windy and wet, snow falling and dripping on him from the branches above. Jackie had left the nest at 12:14 PM and did not return. Later in the evening, Shadow got up, shook off the snow/rain and headed out on the front branch to leave. He turned towards the nest and looked at the eggs,….came back to the nest and settled back down to incubate. Not long after, he got up and this time he flew off. For the first time this year, the eggs were left unattended through the night. It seems as if Jackie and Shadow are now aware their eggs will not hatch, but are still not ready to completely give up. 

Shadow returned this morning, incubated a short time and left. Jackie came in with some nesting materials, incubated for a bit and left and the switch offs have continued.

Though it is sad and hard for all of us to watch, this is good news for Jackie and Shadow. They are now showing signs of moving on to the next chapter of their lives. What will that be? We don’t really know for certain, some are hoping for a 2nd clutch of eggs, others are looking forward to next season’s eggs and some of us are just happy to see a glimpse of them as they visit for short periods of time. 

We believe they will stay in the area, continue to bond as a couple and do what eagles do in off season. As in the past, we expect them to show up in the fall and work on the nest to get it ready for next season. With that said, this is nature and anything can happen, so stay tuned!

March 3, 2020 – A Busy Time at The Nest

Eagle Update Pictures

Yesterday Jackie and Shadow had their hands (wings) full with an intruder that showed up at the nest mid-morning. We have not determined if this was a male or female, but either way this was a very persistent eagle. This unidentified eagle (UE) actually stepped up on the nest approaching Jackie, she jumped up and wingslapped him/her and the eagle flew off the nest only to return 2 more times. Jackie and Shadow worked well as a team to protect the eggs, nest and their habitat. What were the UE’s intentions? We don’t really know, but it could have been looking at Jackie as a new mate or possibly taking over the nest and habitat. Whatever the plan was, it looks like Jackie and Shadow were successful in escorting the UE away from their area and the afternoon was peaceful. 

This morning, while Shadow was in the nest, we noticed a bit of blood above his right eye. As the camera zoomed in, our expert determined the eye itself looks fine and free of injury. The blood could be from something he ate, a small injury from hunting prey (or sticks) or it could have happened yesterday during the territorial battle, we will likely never know for sure. 

Jackie and Shadow continue to incubate the eggs, many have asked how much longer they will do this. Since this is a first time experience for them, we really don’t know. As observers of these beautiful eagles, we can only sit back, watch and learn together. Jackie and Shadow will determine what happens next. 

February 22, 2020 – Update on the eggs

Eagle Update Pictures

The U.S. Forest Service made an announcement Friday, 02/21/2020, regarding Jackie and Shadow’s eggs…here’s what they said:

“It’s hard to say this, but the odds of our Big Bear bald eagle nest’s eggs will hatch this year are diminishing each day. We’re on day 44 and day 41 since the eggs were laid. They typically hatch between 35-38 days; even giving them a day or two extra for slow development due to cold temperatures, the window of successful hatching is closing. We haven’t seen a definite pip (crack in the egg from the chick poking a hole in the shell) in either egg. At this point, we’ll be very (pleasantly) surprised if either egg hatches.
There are several factors that could result in a nest failure. The eggs may have been infertile from the start (incomplete fertilization during mating, etc.) or the embryos could have died during incubation (from congenital defects, weather, or environmental factors) or the chicks may not have been able to successfully break out of their shells. Chances are that Jackie and Shadow (as they pair of eagles are known) will continue incubation for another 10 days or so, but they’ll start leaving the eggs unattended for periods of time that will lengthen each day. “

We know all of this is hard to hear and see, it is part of watching nature. We will continue watching the nest and posting about Jackie and Shadow and their actions. Thank you for caring about the eagles and their lives.

February 20, 2020 – Egg Watch

Eagle Update Pictures

There is a lot of talk going around different chats and FB pages about what the status is with the eggs and whether they will hatch. Rather than worry, speculate or make pronouncements, we would prefer to be diligent observers of nature in all of its beauty and its amazing processes, curiosities and possibilities. Every eagle pair is different, every nest and nesting season has a multitude of variables and every bald eagle has its own unique way of being in the world–Jackie, for example, was ‘supposed to’ mate for life with Mr. B. But apparently Jackie forgot to read the rule book and against all human speculation, decided she liked Shadow better. We will continue watching and learning and humbly allow the eagles and nature to show us what will happen next.

February 9, 2020 – Camera up 24/7 again!

Eagle Update Pictures

Hooray! The camera stayed up all night and we got to see the early morning change-over when Shadow arrived with a stick just after 6:30 a.m. He took over nest duty with only minimal whimpering from Jackie.
Yesterday we replaced the semi-functioning batteries with new ones on the system equipment. As always, we worked in total compliance with our permit under the guidance of the U.S. Forest Service and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to make sure we did not disturb the nesting process. Thank you to everyone who assisted in this!

January 27, 2020 – Egg watch and upgrade

Eagle Update Pictures

Jackie and Shadow have 2 eggs now that they are incubating. They have been taking turns sitting on the nest–or at least we should say that Jackie gives Shadow a turn, usually a couple times a day, while she takes a break and gets some food. He sometimes brings food, usually a fish, to her, and she immediately takes possession and won’t let him touch it. So, sometimes he brings 1/2 of a fish, after having gotten his share. Once, however, he landed on her back while she sat and ate some of it before she could get out from under him to take it.    (Note: Regarding the equipment being down for a couple hours in the early morning, we have pinpointed the issue, have equipment ordered and should have it repaired in a week or so. And do not worry, this is for equipment off the nest-site, so no one will be climbing the tree or disturbing the eagles to get it repaired.)

January 8, 2020 – We have an egg!!

Eagle Update Pictures

At 5:34 today (Jan 8, 2020) Jackie laid her first egg of the season! Check out the nest camera to watch Jackie and Shadow and the new egg. 

October 7, 2019 – Project hearing cancelled

The Supervisors’ hearing tomorrow about the project that could bring harm to the eagles has been cancelled, so if you were planning on attending, thank you, but no need for the moment. Apparently there are some new environmental documents that the County says they forgot to send out for public comment before the vote can take place. Thank you to all of you for your support! We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.


September 28, 2019 – Eagles in Danger!!

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Jackie and Shadow need your help to keep them from being EVICTED from their home. A proposal for 50 luxury house sites with new roads, a huge private marina and parking area only ½ mile from their nest could destroy the future possibility of them continuing to nest in this area. The site of this proposed development can be seen from the nest cam! (yellow circle in the cam photo below). The decision will be made by County Supervisors on October 8. 

This currently forested lakefront site (sunrise photo below) is used by eagles to feed themselves and their chicks. The marina, parking, roads and houses would destroy this key north shore foraging ground. And the monumental increase in disturbance in this quiet area would likely cause the eagles to abandon the nest. Even the County’s official environmental documents state that there would be significant detrimental impacts to bald eagles. County planning is recommending approval, in spite of these harmful impacts, saying that housing is more important. But we currently have over 600 houses for sale–150 more than a year ago–in our small valley! 

The proposed project would also intensify fire danger in an area already plagued with high fire-risk and ranked in the top 1% as having the most hazardous, least adequate fire and emergency evacuation routes. Approval of this would have major harmful impacts to the bald eagles, to our National Forest, to our residents and to our visitors.


-Please share this post with everyone. 

-Please copy, sign and email or mail the letter posted below (or download it from our website), with whatever changes or additional comments youâ’d like to make (and cc each official listed on the letter). 

-Ask your friends and family to send emails or letters, also.

-If you are anywhere nearby, please attend the hearing before the Supervisors on October 8 in San Bernardino (385 N. Arrowhead Ave.) at 10 a.m. (If you need a ride from Big Bear, email me at fobbvinfo@gmail.com ). 

-If you are willing to be more involved to help with anything, please email me also. 

For more information on all of this, please visit the “Environmental Watch/Action Needed” page of our website: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/environmental-watch/action-needed/

Thank you thank you thank you for your assistance!!



September 17, 2019 – New Address for Live Stream

Our Eagle Nest Cam live stream changed youtube channels. 

Here is the new youtube address to find the: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBQhLAIBTH0

You can also search on youtube for Big Bear Bald Eagle Cam — and look for the one that says “Live Now” (right now it’s the 3rd one down in the search). We’re working on getting the new link up on our website.



July 7, 2019 – Simba camera ham

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Simba, the camera ham…
…would like his family to keep being reality TV stars!

To help him achieve his dream, Friends of Big Bear Valley is hosting an “End of the nesting season” fundraiser through July 11.
Your donation will go toward the camera system and support team for ongoing maintenance, our education programs and our Outdoor Adventure Days so you can continue viewing eagle family antics, learning and enjoying our valley’s beautiful nature. 
FOBBV is a nonprofit organization and all of our activities including the eagle nest cam are supported only by donations from the public. (ID#20-0650845)
Any small, big or ongoing donation is very welcome and appreciated!! Please SHARE SIMBA’s post with your friends.
To donate, you can click the donate button on our FB posts, go to our website: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/donate/ or send a check to Friends of Big Bear Valley, PO Box 422, Fawnskin, CA 92333.
Sincere thank you for your continued support!!


July 4, 2019 – End of Nesting Season Fundraiser

Eagle Update Pictures

**Simba approved this message**
Happy 4th of July! 
–To celebrate, Friends of Big Bear Valley is hosting an “End of the nesting season” fundraiser for the next week (through July 11)– 
Your donation will go toward the camera system and support team for ongoing maintenance, our education programs and our Outdoor Adventure Days so you can continue viewing eagle family antics, learning and enjoying our valley’s beautiful nature. 
We would especially like to request donations that can be set up monthly so we can continue our cam maintenance and programs throughout the year. (click the ‘monthly’ box above the amount on the paypal form)
FOBBV is a nonprofit organization, supported only by public donations. (ID#20-0650845)
Any small, big or ongoing donation is very welcome and appreciated!!
To donate, go to: https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/donate/ or send a check to Friends of Big Bear Valley, PO Box 422, Fawnskin, CA 92333.
Sincere thank you for your continued support!!

July 3, 2019 – Almost an adult

Eagle Update Pictures

Simba is becoming more and more an adult bald eagle…

…well, except for the hilarious ‘I’ve got a fish’ happy dances when he hops around the nest clutching the fish with both feet and flapping and squealing (as Jackie or Shadow watch in amazement)…

…well, and maybe all that crying to mom and dad…

…but he only does that when he is tired of eating on his own and wants them to feed him…

…well, and when they get near his fish…

…well, and when they don’t get near his fish…

…well, and a little bit when there is no fish involved at all.

But he’s definitely been looking more adult when he’s sitting on the front limb with either dad or mom…

…well, except for those sudden hopping back to the nest because ‘I have to leap around flapping and squealing’ moments…

…well, and a little when it’s been a while since a fish delivery and he wants to make sure they know he’s hungry…

…well, and…but he really is almost like an adult…almost.

May 27, 2019 – Sad news

We are very sad to say that it looks like Cookie died just a little bit ago. He was up earlier but looked weak; he also seemed less energetic yesterday. This last storm was a tough one with rain first and then snow and cold temperatures (just like last year). As we could see with Jackie, the feathers got wet and then the snow stuck to them. The chicks weren’t able to fit fully underneath her yesterday and last night. Typically when a chick dies in the nest, it gets moved off to the side or buried by new nesting material. Climbing the tree again to retrieve the body is unlikely. We are mourning with all the rest of you. Nature can be very tough. The survival rate for bald eagles is 50% in the first year. We will all be rooting for Simba to stay strong and healthy.

May 27, 2019 – Awake after snowy night

Eagle Update Pictures

Both chicks are up and looking strong after a long night under the warm protection of a snow-covered mom. Jackie kept Simba and Cookie warm and mostly dry through the cold, snowy night. At 6 weeks old, the chicks are too big to fit completely under her, but have not finished growing their complete set of weatherproof feathers.

May 24, 2019 – Chick Banding

Eagle Update Pictures

You may have noticed that Cookie and Simba got some pretty purple and silver jewelry today. The chicks were taken in safe bags from the nest to the bottom of the tree, where it is much safer to work with them. The chicks were banded and checked for health conditions and returned back to the nest. They are very healthy and managed the abduction by aliens very well. The climber/bander has training and permits to handle and band bald eagles.
Within 15 minutes after the climber left the base of the tree, the chicks were being fed. The BIG NEWS – they’re both males! That means that of all of Jackie’s four offspring so far, they have all been male. Simba (the oldest by 1 day) has purple tag #ZR1; Cookie’s purple tag is #ZJ1. 


April 27, 2019 – Contest Winner Stories

Eagle Update Pictures

COOKIE and SIMBA would like to personally thank everyone who honored them by submitting a suggested name for them. And they would especially like to thank the Big Bear Valley 3rd grade classes that chose their winning names and the CONTEST WINNERS who submitted them…

“Cookie” — This was a group effort from the three kindergarten classes at Heritage Computer Science Academy, part of the Garden Grove Unified School District, located in Santa Ana, California. Their whole school has been watching daily since the eggs were laid. The name was submitted for the group by Susan Hansen. She says, “We have all learned so much from watching nature at its finest – can’t wait to see what they do next.”

“Simba” — 9-year-old Samuel Brown, a 3rd grader at Valle Vista Elementary School in Rancho Cucamonga came up with this name and his grandfather submitted it for him. Samuel loves Big Bear. He enjoys science and nature and has been following the birth of the eagles with his grandfather since Stormy (2017-2018 nesting season). His class was watching the eagles being born and was very excited when his suggested eagle name was selected.

Cookie and Simba and their mom (Jackie) and dad (Shadow) are also very pleased that so many classrooms around the country and in other countries have been watching and learning about their lives. The 4-foot eagle nest in the photo below was built by children from Hoover State Pre-School. They collected sticks on a nature walk and brought more from home to create the nest.

April 23, 2019 – The Winners!

Eagle Update Pictures


…the new names of these two adorable week old chicks!

These are the 1st and 2nd place winning names selected by the Big Bear Valley 3rd graders after the drawing from all of your wonderful suggestions.

I will get permission to post the names of the contributors of those names and post as soon as I have it. We will send emails to the 23 runners up drawn from the pool of 1228 names submitted by 288 people.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed–you are helping us keep the camera and live stream up and running for everyone to enjoy the daily adventures of our little eagle family–Jackie, Shadow, Cookie and Simba.

April 21, 2019 – Last chance to enter!

Eagle Update Pictures

~~~The chick naming contest closes tomorrow, Sunday, April 21 at 12 noon~~~
Help name these adorable chicks at
Friends of Big Bear Valley’s “Name the Bald Eagle Chicks” Contest on our website https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagle-naming-contest/

Submit your name suggestions ASAP! 
After submissions close, we will randomly draw 25 of the submitted Eaglet Names and on Monday the third grade classes in Big Bear Valley will vote on those 25 names to pick the two winning chick names. 
(At our local elementary schools, the 3rd graders study bald eagles and get a field trip to look for them around the lake–so, before this year, they have gotten to suggest and select the eagles names.–this year we’re letting everyone participate in the suggestions!)
You can submit 1 name for $10, 2 names for $15, 5 names for $30 or 10 names for $50–all fees go to support this live stream eagle cam so you can keep watching this little bald eagle family. Multiple submissions of the same name are allowed (so if you want to give your favorite name a better chance of being drawn, submit it multiple times.)
Prizes will be given for the 2 winning submissions and for the 25 drawn. See the website for more details and to enter. https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagle-naming-contest/
Best of luck!

April 15, 2019 – Chick Naming contest

Eagle Update Pictures

These adorable new chicks need names. And you can help name them! Friends of Big Bear Valley is hosting a “Name the Bald Eagle Chicks” Contest on our website https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagle-naming-contest/ 

Submit your name suggestions ASAP! Because SUBMISSIONS CLOSE THIS SUNDAY, April 21st at noon Pacific time. We will then randomly draw 25 of the submitted Eaglet Names and the third grade classes in Big Bear Valley will vote on those 25 names to pick the two winning chick names. 

You can submit 1 name for $10, 2 names for $15, 5 names for $30 or 10 names for $50–all fees go to support this live stream eagle cam so you can keep watching this little bald eagle family. Multiple submissions of the same name are allowed (so if you want to give your favorite name a better chance of being drawn, submit it multiple times.) 

Prizes will be given for the 2 winning submissions and for the 25 drawn. See the website for more details and to enter. https://friendsofbigbearvalley.org/eagle-naming-contest/ 

Best of luck!

April 9, 2019 – Power down for a bit

Eagle Update PicturesThe cam is out of power again so the live stream is not up at the moment. Our tech guys Mike Bode and Jim Applebury found the issue today and repaired it, but the sun didn’t have time to recharge the batteries. The stream should be back when the sun comes out in the morning and then stay up after that. Many thanks to them and to Peter Sharpe for advising. Today Shadow only put two sticks on Jackie and only fell across her once…he blames the wind. The winds were very strong all day with clouds rolling in. Jackie must have decided a storm was coming because she stayed on the nest herself most of the day (like she does during storms) and only let Shadow have a couple of short shifts. At least she got in a couple of good yoga workouts. This evening when Shadow didn’t want to get off the nest, she tried a new tactic of chirping quietly and looking down, humbly, as she moved in closer and closer, urging him up. But when that didn’t work, a little nibbling and a dirty look did the trick.
February 6, 2019 – Camera is Up

Eagle Update PicturesThe camera is back up after some morning sun today to melt the snow from the solar panels. Lots of snow to enjoy.
February 6, 2019 – Camera down cause of cloudy weather

Wed 2/6/19 Our eagle nest camera is temporarily down. With all the snow we have gotten in the last couple days, the solar panels have not been able to produce enough energy to keep the system going. The system should be back up as soon as the sun comes out for a few hours. Sandy
January 20, 2019 – Back Again Today

Eagle Update Pictures1/20/19 6:36 pm Shadow was back again for his 2nd visit today, in the blowing wind. He brought a stick with him and had another little fight with that 3-pointed stick that just will not fit anywhere.
January 20, 2019 – Three Prong Stick

Eagle Update Pictures1/20/19 3:44 pm Shadow made a short visit to the nest this afternoon and worked on arranging that same ornery 3-pronged stick he brought yesterday–it just would not settle in anywhere. He tried to put it in, and one end or the other kept popping back up. He gave it up, and left arrangement for another time.
January 19, 2019 – Shadow is Back

Eagle Update Pictures1/19/19 7:23 am Shadow has made 3 visits to the nest between 6:50 and 7:10. He did some nest tidying and delivered two sticks. It is good to see his face again!
January 18, 2019 – Camera Reset

1/18/19 8:19 am The camera was out of power again due to the continuous overcast weather we have been having. It is back up. Here is the link: https://camstreamer.com/yt-redirect/cbe0c0b2eec4946/S-15309
January 14, 2019 – South Side of the Lake

Eagle Update Pictures1/14/19 2:42 pm Drove around the lake today checking out the prey supply and looking for eagles. Found one young bald eagle on the south side of the lake and spotted another eagle flying over the lake. There are some pockets of open water but the numbers of ducks are relatively low compared to what they were a few weeks ago. There were a lot of mergansers and gulls in the open water by the dam but not a lot of coots. The snow is really coming down hard right now. There have not been any visits to the nest for a few days. It is later than when Jackie laid eggs last year so we are all worried that it will not happen this year. The bald eagles on the Channel Islands and other places in southern California lay in February and March so there is certainly more time. However, the intermittent activities at the nest are discouraging. Keep your talons crossed.
January 9, 2019 – Nest Sitting

Eagle Update Pictures1/9/19 6:41 pm Jackie visited the nest this afternoon, rearranged a few sticks, sat for a while and then watched from her perch branch. She made a 2nd visit at dusk, with a little more nest-sitting. The lake is still mostly frozen, and there are not many ducks or coots around.
November 30, -0001 – A Day In The Life

Eagle Update Pictures

Over the weekend Jackie and Shadow were both great at incubating, rolling eggs, yelling at ravens and arranging the nest while sitting…and they worked together on shift changes in complete cooperation–well mostly complete…well at least some cooperation, except for the part where neither one of them wants to get off the eggs when it’s the other one’s turn to incubate.

…Jackie usually lets Shadow take over early in the morning after she sits all night…Saturday she left before dawn and did a chortling announcement about it from a distance…Shadow arrived at the nest in less than a minute and announced his arrival back to Jackie.

…Jackie often brings fluff to the nest and then stares at Shadow until he gets up…he usually tries to ignore her at first, but eventually follows her implied orders (it’s hard to argue with Jackie, even silently)

…when it’s his turn to take over, Shadow has a whole kit full of techniques to convince Jackie…Saturday morning, he brought a big stick, decided it belonged on the other side of the nest and walked right across Jackie’s back to get there–a not-so-subtle reminder that he was there and it was his turn…it worked.

…but for the rest of the day, probably because of the high winds, Jackie decided she was the only one qualified to sit on those eggs and no matter what Shadow tried, she refused to budge…

—a giant stick delivery didn’t work…

—bonking her with the next big stick delivery didn’t work…and neither did laying the stick on her from either direction…

—delivering a bunch of fluff didn’t work…nor did an even bigger bunch of fluff…nor did nipping at her wing…he finally gave up and she stayed on the nest through the windstorm (about 20 hours straight on the nest).

During her 20 hours, Jackie had to poop off the side of the nest…and afterwards, as she often does, she loudly announced it to the neighborhood. In the night, the wind was blowing her feathers all around and one giant gust blew her clear off-balance.

. On Sunday, besides always pretending Jackie wasn’t there when she came to take over (it never works), and sadly losing one prize stick over the side–he stared longingly down at it–Shadow perfected his “getting Jackie off the eggs” techniques…

…bumping her with the big sticks he brings continues to work well…

…but his best technique yet was to stand right in front of her so there is no way she can’t see him, and then clinch it with a surprise kiss–she was up off the eggs in under a minute.

…and then just to stay in her good graces, it doesn’t hurt to bring her a fish for lunch and another one for dinner.